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  1. I have a Witness Elite Match in 9mm.... If I ordered these grips, would I order the large of small frame ones?
  2. What's it like on weight? I shoot IDPA with a suped up EAA Match and it is always teetering on the ESP weight limit.
  3. I use Dardas as my practice and match rounds. I reload their 147gn 9mm and 180gn .40.... I have been super happy with them and NEVER had a problem. I have purchased a little over 10,000 rounds total from them. They are accurate and reload well. I do believe they make the bullets after you order and don't keep a stock pile. It usually takes about 4-5 days after ordering to get an email saying they shipped them. Then 2-3 days to get them in hand. Good packaging and good quality bullets. I'm Happy... can't ask for more... I have also got a box of their .380 that I reload for the wife's gun. They work well too.
  4. HostileHabitat


    OMG!!! I am Dying...... Every one in the office was staring at me I was laughing so hard.......no one else even got it. I would love to see more of this guy.
  5. Your Background Needs Landscaping!
  6. HostileHabitat


    NCAA Football is where its at anyway......Players in the NFL play for money. College players are playing For school pride..... and a chance at the NFL
  7. that...............WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I just died.....and now to share it with EVERYONE! A interesting since of Humor is needed here!
  8. That's 6 cents you have missing...and its not in a couch cushion.
  9. If it rubs another part... polish it Feed ramp for sure...
  10. I have always read that 22 pistols in general should be a no go for dry firing. Thats my vote...
  11. HostileHabitat

    are you scared

    I laugh at the look of concern on both of their faces.
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