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  1. Adam has been testing his Remington with over 1,000 rounds of just buckshot. No idea how much bird shot he has fired. Not once has he experienced shells walking from recoil.This. To clarify, in alpha testing for the Remington Q-DC I've got over 550 rounds of birdshot/slugs, and over 750 for the Mossberg. For testing I don't even shoot birdshot anymore. In all those rounds there has never been a single round shift from recoil, let alone fall out (and I've been watching closely).I understand concern about brass down.. I've been seeing it a lot in response to tactical twins. It seems clear that many other shell carriers will drop rounds brass down. The Q-DC has a totally different retention system. No rubber tubes or gaskets, no flexible plastic, no elastic. It uses stainless steel springs that give consistent and reliable retention regardless of temperature, recoil, dirt, sand, dust, snow, or any other variable I've encountered.
  2. I don't take it as a criticism (and I too hate the word tactical). But if you are loading, you can't be shooting, do what difference does it make which hand is doing it (assuming the strong hand load isn't slower.) If it is the same speed or faster, what's the difference? (There's no hostility in there, I'm genuinely curious to hear your take)
  3. Prototype of the Aridus Industries (my company) Q-DC
  4. That may depend on specific side saddle, as I am regularly observing an exact opposite of your experience.Oh I agree it'll be 100% dependent on what side saddle is used.
  5. Through over a thousand rounds of buckshot and slugs I've literally never had a round fall out.
  6. It does require a little more practice, but not as much as you might think. After about two weeks after I came up with it I was beating a 4.5 second par time (not every time, but on the flawless runs). It won't beat a quad load from a twins rig, but it's the best I can do from a side saddle
  7. Case gauge added to the list, thanks for the recommendation. Completely unable to get through on the phone to anyone, so I'm counting on you guys! Anything else essential I might be missing?
  8. Thanks! I considered a powder check system, but in a couple months i want to add a bullet feeder which would take its spot. Why should i not get the dies?
  9. I have reloaded on my dad's rockchucker for about 6 years and I am finally putting together my own setup. I got a rockchucker kit (not installed yet) that has some of the basics I need (scale, manual, also have a tumbler, etc), but there's still basic stuff I need (calipers) in addition to other stuff. I'm looking to use the 650 mainly for 9mm, and perhaps 223 or other calibers down the road. For now, just 9mm. Here's what I've got in the cart, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything! - XL650 with 9mm caliber conversion - Dillon 3 die set for 9mm - Dillon crimp die - 650 casefeeder for small pistol - Strongmount - Aluminum roller handle - 650 toolholders with wrench set - Primer flip tray - Small primer pickup tubes - Calipers - Dillon case lube - 650 machine maintenance kit - Ammo boxes If I'm missing anything that I will need, let me know! I'll be placing the order tomorrow, just wanna get squared away with what all I need. Thanks!
  10. While im new to shooting sports, ive been shooting XDs for almost 6 years now, and your problem is a common one (other platforms as well). Youre either riding it with your strong hand thumb, or your support hand grip is a shade too high and youre getting it with that. Considering the number of pistols that have the slide stop in that position, its simpler (not necessarily easier) to make a slight adjustment in your grip, because its possible you could have the same result with other pistols as well.
  11. Just shot this, the 5th and final stage of my first USPSA match. Shooting production, shot 28 points in 4.37, good for a HF of 6.407. Puts me at 55.25%
  12. Fixed the link for you so that it works as a hyperlink..... I think that might pass muster.... Excellent, thank you!
  13. Thanks to all! Next Sunday will be my first USPSA match, so pretty much whenever I'm not at work or at the range, I'll be reading up on as much good info as I can (while running dry fire drills)
  14. Look again. They used a Sig as well to get the general point across. Your's looks fine as long as you didn't stipple the mag catch button. I can't tell from the picture. No controls are stippled. I guess that's what I was trying to get the understanding of... if the pictures are "hard rules" or to get the general point across
  15. I have searched and searched, and cannot find an appropriate existing thread to post in, so forgive me for starting a new thread so early in my time here (this specific question was one of the reasons I joined the board, because from browsing it the last couple weeks, I trust the input from the board). While the USPSA rules literally outline the boundaries for stippling, the picture uses a Glock. The shape and specific location of controls vary slightly from that to the XDm, so I wanted experienced input on if this stippling will be legal for USPSA Production. Thanks in advance! Note on the picture: Not sure why I didn't take a picture of the other side as well, but location of the stippling is the exact same on the other side, riding below the slide stop. http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a53/spyderman2k4/?action=view&current=xdm.jpg (remove the space between "h" and "ttp"... I'm new and cannot post links yet, sorry for somewhat bypassing the rules, but a picture is worth a thousand words
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