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  1. That barrel got my buddy also , it happens ................
  2. I've used CDI, Badger, HS, Surgeon, and Newman Precision. Of all of those I like the Surgeon design and function the best. +1
  3. I have the the skater grip tape , my buddy has pockets without the real aggressive spikes not sure what its call but i much prefer the skater tape....
  4. Well ran the pistol today in my first uspsa local match, ran great the trigger is great , wish I could shoot as good as the pistol..........
  5. Got a chance to snag a new SV had to sample the kool aid.......
  6. Sorry to hear about accident , good to see you are not giving up , GOOD LUCk...
  7. I have the rogue hunter also , and really like the slim profile of the handgaurd..
  8. would you happen to have a pic of the top of the slide finished with coating, want to see how the arrow design looks now thanks in advance, you have some very nice pistols
  9. Rock wait times are tough ,have had them and are fine, Can pick up kriegers local(3gen shooters supply) no wait and all have been hammers.....
  10. I would look at picking up a used NXS .....
  11. will work fine with 162amax, are there better yes . I ran 7wsm with same bullet it was a laser , But its your coin so its what you want....
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