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  1. Situation normal in Vegas area++ here. Multigun matches require gloves
  2. Again, thanks to all for the input... interesting how this thread turned into an "OCD on FCD" Have one arriving today from Amazon ($16.99)... Will try it and see what happens
  3. Reading about a Redding Competition Seating die as it doesn't perform a crimp function, only seats the bullet, then maybe I'll have even greater appreciation for this Lee FCD.
  4. (under the "no question is stupid" umbrella) I want to make sure I understand; the Lee FCD would go into position 5 on a 650 correct? If so, do i need a better seating die in P4?
  5. Thanks to all for the prompt replies.. Much appreciated. To answer all questions; the bullets I’m using are Berry’s 147 flat points that have a .356 diameter, the brass is sizing correctly – not an issue of the die and shell plate relationship. To “racerba’s” point, I did try to increase the flare before seating, but to no effect. I’m jumping on “iflyskyhigh’s” suggestion to get a Lee die right now as general set in the right direction and hopes that this fixes the issue.
  6. No particular head stamp (range brass) and they are too snug in the barrel (I usually don't even try the barrel if they won't go in the gage).
  7. Thanks, but I guess I need to be more specific... When I said "they won't plunk" I meant - they won't case gauge (I've already performed the barrel plunk exercise and verified desired OAL). I don't think this is an issue with sizing the brass, all the brass comes out of that step and fits a case gauge. The bulge is happening in the seating step - my best guess.
  8. Searched here and found no clues… Having a problem with loading 147’s; all 10 of my test specimens resulted in the cases being bulged at the bottom (kinda like a “Glock bulge”) and they won’t gage. Never experienced this while loading 124’s… Using a Dillon 650 with standard dies, I checked each piece of brass out of the de-cap/sizing step and all gage easily. Prime each and check powder drop… all good – reasonable bell at case mouth. Get to the seating… don’t see any issues and crimp comes out at .378. Mic out my OAL and its 1.15" as desired, but doh! They won’t plunck! I’m confident one of you will point me to a solution….
  9. YIPES Does that come with a lifetime supply of band aides? Do you sleep on a bed of nails?
  10. The wide range of discussion in these forums on this subject spans from the "run what you've got" on one end of the spectrum, to the "sky is the limit" or "whatever shiny popper makes you happy" on the other. The existence of these forums are testimony to the fact that there is no single answer or solution to any of the variables in our sport. I think we'll all agree that if you set personal [shooting sports] goals for yourself, you'd be wise to choose the equipment that best allows you to achieve them in the most efficient way possible. You can drive a nail with a crescent wrench... But there are many alternatives, influenced by how good at it you intend to be...
  11. Hi all, I’ve searched here and the WWW to no avail; looking for Minor load recipes for 9mm Berry’s 124 gr. Target Hollow Points to run in my DVC-L. Finding nothing, I’m having to do the homework myself and want a peer review. Built a couple dummy rounds to plunk and kinda settled on an an OAL in the 1.155 – 1.160 range (allowing for re-using mixed range brass). Based on similarity to entries in the Hodgdon and Vitavorhi guides, looks like load work ups of 3.6, 3.8, 4.0 gr. of Ramshot Competition (that's what is currently in the hopper - similar to N320) should be a reasonable start to chrono…. Any thoughts, or relevant recipes?
  12. An important part of becoming involved in this sport is reading and understanding the rules... Doing so will help you to plan ahead, make informed decisions and it won't cost you a dime.
  13. The RIA the OP is talking about is a double stack 1911; wide body Para frame, similar to an STI 2011... I'd say go for it; have Hayes do the full monty. The "Race Ready" package with the slide cuts is where you'll feel the difference. Or just pick up the one I have currently listed in the Classified here.
  14. ^^^What Zombywoof said.... Just come out, make friends and have fun; everybody isn't a master shooter. Focus on making each match your personal best, in time you will acquire knowledge and talent.
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