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  1. I think of it this way [comparing my safe to my rolling tool box], the tool box has all the tools I need to handle big or small jobs.... Big crescent wrenches down to tiny ones, big hammers to little.... So the safe is no different. It has a DVC and Pantera 2011's in 9mm for the "small jobs in United Pistol League, speed steel and Multi-gun, then a .40 Edge for the heavier work in USPSA... The "hammer" I use depends on the job at hand. Took me a while to acquire the tools of this trade, but so happy I did; on any given weekend, I can pick any kind of match and be competitive.
  2. Competition guns = STI 2011's, 1911's and occasionally an M&P core in C/O. EDC = Dan Wesson Bobtail 1911 Until recently, I based my choice of CCW on the fact that I shoot 1911 platforms frequently and thought the familiarity with the grip and trigger feel would provide an advantage if/when necessary. But considerations for weight and ease of concealment have recently given way to a new Glock 43X (I was never a Glock fan due to ergonomics until this new one came out with the redefined grip). So many variables to consider in choosing a EDC/CCW; capacity, size, weight, concealability and accuracy (no particular order - just noting the big decision drivers). In contrast, most of our collective competition focus centers around capacity and accuracy which are largely influenced by the rules of the game and or the division you choose. So, to the OP's original points of curiosity regarding correlations between your comp and carry platforms, I'd offer that the intended use will drive the choice as much or more than platform or brand loyalty. Bottom line, whatever your choice for CCW, practice with it regularly and develop your skills just like you intend to shoot all Alphas.... Your game will improve as a result.
  3. I just recently tried to put an STI grip on my Pantera and had the same results as other mentioned here. Very long story short... after many parts mix and match trials, the tolerances inside the SPS grip are different than the STI's and the orientation of the groove at the bottom of the grip for the sear spring is different allowing the sear spring to move inside the STI grip to the point that it finds its way under the disconnector after a shot or two. It didin't matter which combo of high end parts I used; I kept getting the same result. I ended up putting the OE SPS grip back on with the high end fire controls and trigger in it and it worked just great. The entire exercise was motivated by wanting an ICE magwell in the first place, so now I'm just moding the SPS grip to accept that. Hopes that saves others the time and frustration
  4. I shoot an M&P core in C/O for the fact that it is a co-witness set up. I try to ignore the dot when acquiring targets and use the irons (have the dot set up to view sitting on top of the front sight) to minimize to "dot hunting". I've seen a lot of guys complain of loosing the dot in various light conditions and malfunctions, and that really influenced my purchase decision toward the core.
  5. Amillx, While you are doing your homework on parts and good deals; acquaint yourself with the "rules of the games". There are many paths to pursue in competitive shooting (assuming that's your interest in posting here) and acquiring some knowledge about the different competitive formats, organizations and requirements might help you in your decision process. Whether you take the path to build up a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) in 9mm or a .223 carbine might be influenced by how/ where you'll use it. Both platforms can be built relatively cheap these days, but if you intend to be competitive, reliability becomes a big factor in selecting parts and integrating them into a good shooting package.
  6. Love this forum… and thanks guys for sharing! We're all "addict's" here. I too got hooked at a match with a loaner... A couple years ago, I thought I was doing great with my finely tuned XdM [until it broke down] and a great friend and semi pro handed me his mega buck 2011. OMG ! instantly I had an understanding about why all my shooting buddies were asking why I didn't have a 1911 or 2011... I put everything up for sale the next day on a quest for my first STI ! It's fun learning what you don't know, or didn't think you needed to.... We're all competitors, whether it's to be our personal best or reach the top of the leader board. I know guy's that bowl who have special balls for certain events, and golfers... they are worse than us; buying a club a weak... We've all got our reasons for acquiring another popper, a least we are acquiring valuable skills while having fun ! (can't imagine taking out an intruder with a bowler or a putter).
  7. Thanks all, This is why I like reading these Enos forums... It's said.. "admitting it is the first step toward recovery". My name is Bif and I have a shooting addiction... USPSA, UPL, Multi Gun, any and every class (except revolver - God still loves me) compels me to acquire more guns and gear! I swear I'm going to pick a division and improve ranks this season... I am, I swear... I'm serious... (I'll keep coming to these meetings).
  8. Find a used STI Trojan in .40, they come up on the classified here fairly frequently and in your desired price range often with mags.
  9. I bought an Edge .40 from a forum member here and have never looked back. Very reliable popper! and parts are plentiful for it.
  10. You are only as old as you allow yourself to be. Age doesn't have to be a factor in our sport... There are plenty of people with handicaps. The key is having a desire to get up and get outside, and participate in something you love with like minded people. A competitive spirt won't hurt and might encourage you to overcome the things that constrain you. As far as deteriorating eyesight goes... God created the "Red Dot" for those that can't see iron sights anymore...
  11. Over the last couple years, the squad that I regularly shoot with has been tagged as the "starter squad" or the "Noob Squad"... 6-8 guys that have been doing it since Christ was a corporal... I really enjoy helping the people that are new to our sport. So I'll echo a few key points that have been mentioned here. First and foremost are safe gun handling skills, not accuracy, not speed. There is no quicker or worse way to negatively influence people at a range than to point a gun at them. So mind the basics, upon arrival at a match, follow range rules while gearing up (use safe areas as designated), once geared up... don't handle your gun unless an RO tells you to, when it is your turn to shoot - keep the muzzle pointed down range (don't break the 180 - particularly while performing reloads) and keep your finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger unless you are engaging a target. Many new shooters we see have only experienced standing in a booth or lane of an indoor facility; they haven't considered the mechanics of a shoot while moving exercise. As noted by others in this thread, ask for and be receptive to help. There is nothing wrong with identifying yourself as a new shooter at the sign-in or safety meeting before the match and partnering with people that have experience. In fact that will ensure you succeed in getting off to a good start and have fun.
  12. I started shooting with an M&P full size; picked it because it felt right ergonomically in my hands. Shot two matches with it, but was repulsed by having to put an empty mag in it to show clear (pew - CA mag safety). Next bought an XDM 5.25" and thought that was the answer; started moving up the results page but kinda stalled out... All the while listening to others asking "do you have a 1911" and or "why don't you look for a used 2011?" I kept wondering what the buz was regarding these other guns, until one day at a match, my XDM broke. A fellow competitor loaned me his STI Edge and I shot it like I owned it! Needless to say he had a devil of a time getting it back! I've been a "straight pull trigger" vs a "pivot trigger" guy ever since (well, that's not exactly true as I have scratched the Carry Optics itch with a M&P Core). I shoot Limited, and Limited 10 with a 2011, and have them in 9mm and .40 depending on what format I'm competing in. With respect to the OP; I'll say that although it's been really fun and interesting to acquire and shoot as of these guns, I'd whole heartedly agree that choosing one and practicing to improve your skills is imperative.
  13. Searched the forums and didn't find anything, so here goes... Those of you that are running SPS pistols in Limited; have you fit one to a Racemaster insert block? I have one set up for my STI Egde and tried putting the Pantera in it, but the lock won't engage. Watched the video on YouTube on DAA block fitment, but wondering if I should just take the Dremel to the trigger guard on the pistol so my Edge will still work in it? Advise or experience requested.... Thanks!
  14. Hummm, Just picked up a new SPS Pantera and it ran so good out of the box at the range; I shot it in a match the next day with the two factory 18 round mags. The rig ran flawlessly throughout the match (thank God the round count on the stages didn't exceed 30). I just order MBX mags for it, maybe I better get a mag catch just in case.
  15. Very impressive! Thanks for the pictures and how-to!... I just picked up an SPS Pantera in 9mm and was considering replacement of the grip with an STI. Might want to give this a go first now that I've seen this>
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