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  1. An important part of becoming involved in this sport is reading and understanding the rules... Doing so will help you to plan ahead, make informed decisions and it won't cost you a dime.
  2. The RIA the OP is talking about is a double stack 1911; wide body Para frame, similar to an STI 2011... I'd say go for it; have Hayes do the full monty. The "Race Ready" package with the slide cuts is where you'll feel the difference. Or just pick up the one I have currently listed in the Classified here.
  3. ^^^What Zombywoof said.... Just come out, make friends and have fun; everybody isn't a master shooter. Focus on making each match your personal best, in time you will acquire knowledge and talent.
  4. I generally follow the "lifestyle" advise - maintain a routine... Especially before majors, I've resisted the "we're outta town, let's rip it up" business... I know its a lot of fun - a night out with the boys, but too much money spent to get to a big match then blow it by being trashed (or DQ'd ).
  5. Tough question to answer... will provoke subjective answers, in the end it will come down to your personal preference and how you like your equipment to feel. Magwells typically aren't that expensive; perhaps get an alternative and try it out in practice. There's a pretty active after market here for whichever becomes excess.
  6. When all the talk of CO first started... I thought Oh ya, I'm in - bought an M&P CORE. Yay! but the rules say no comp'd barrels, so in went the APEX barrel, put a Vortex Viper on an was ready to rip, then the rules shifted to allowing mag extensions, so I got those. After all that and shooting 6-8 matches I just couldn't learn to love it; the trigger sucked and I was much faster with my limited guns. Flip-flopped back and forth about dumping it and thought "I shouda just bought a 2011 open gun", well I've concluded if I'm in for a penny, I'm in for the pound bought a new APEX forward sear flat trigger for it this week and if that doesn't make me a fan, well I'll keep it until I can't see the irons on my limited racers anymore; blow the dust off and shoot for fun.
  7. I have a new (never fired) TAC Ultra with the HCG package if anybody has the urge... PM me.
  8. I'm an active participant in USSL since moving to the Vegas area last year. I like the United Pistol League (UPL) shooting format for two reasons: 1) UPL provides no advantage for major loads - so 9 minor is competitive in Limited and 2) USSL/UPL does not use classifier stages to achieve shooter qualifications as USPSA does. UPL quals are based on how a shooter finishes in the overall match; qualification is based on an average of most recent match scores. The USPSA classifier system certainly measures skill, but isn't necessarily representative of how well a shooter plans, moves and shoots stage by stage. Maybe I try to hard at USPSA classifiers driven by the intent of moving up and that usually results in a mediocre stage and damages my overall match score. Unlike some of the more highly ranked guys I've squaded with... I don't set up and practice specific qualifiers; I show up to matches and shoot'um as the stage description requires - just like any other stage. So for me, UPL doesn't give me "classifier anxiety".
  9. Lots of mags with extended base pads to fit the magwell you choose...
  10. Never handled or shot any of the poppers you've mentioned, but wonder what makes them better than a STI Edge or DVC-L? The fit and finish on my DVC seems pretty high quality; so from you experience what sets these other apart?
  11. I too started with CR's then migrated to the Racer's for my limited rig. I do still keep a SS belt geared up with the CR's as I like how the spacers fit and hold the mags in.
  12. I had a wild hair recently to change things up and shoot CO instead of limited... Hadn't had the red dot outta the safe in 9+ months and the guys I regularly squad with were egging me onto a CO "looser buys the adult beverages after match". What a disaster/challenge... First stage had a plate rack at a fair distance and I was all over the map hunting for hits, I finished the stage and my time was screwed. Walked back to my bag wondering WTF? How could this be so hard? "The red dot is supposed to make it easier..." and "oh $#%!, I hope I brought enough money for after the match". After calming down, I came to the realization I had brought the wrong reloads for this gun and that the dot wasn't calibrated for the bullets. Made it through the match by watching every hole I poked and adjusting my aim accordingly... Talk about having to keep your head in the game! Net result was a couple Mike's and a NS, but I didn't have to buy!
  13. I've shot a .40 Edge in USPSA Limited since I started playing the game; then recently moved to southern Nevada where the majority of weekly matches are USSL (UPL) and there was no points advantage for Major... A great excuse to buy another 2011 in 9mm and I love it. In fact I've recently jumped on the "*thumb rest [generic]*" band wagon and really like how firm my grip feels; I love the fact that I can really muscle through my double taps with the 9mm. Bottom line... fun to shoot, less fatigue for high round count matches, and cheaper to feed.
  14. I shoot an M&P core 9L with a Vortex Viper on it and (fingers crossed), it has been reliable through many matches. I shoot light loads with it so maybe it doesn't get punished as much as those running over the counter ammo.
  15. Update: I ran the Berry's BB's as I mentioned above; at the same load (1.14 OAL with 3.1 grns of Ramshot Comp) from a rest and am pleased to report a marked improvement - well into 2.5" groups at 25 yds and tighter up close, apparently this DVC-L likes the plated bullets. Still not a tack driver yet, but I'm encouraged to do some chrono work and see if I can dial it in. I'm curious "jcc7x7" about checking the crown on the barrel... Not sure what I'm supposed to look for... Can you elaborate?
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