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  1. Vixty I have never done it myself. Himurax13 actually Cajun Gunworks just came out with a gun like that.
  2. Yeah have to do the same as well
  3. I don't have time on the gun yet. Just got it back last week and didn't even test fire before I took it out to a local match. I literally put two round through it to make sure the sight were on. Once I put about 1k through it I'll know more. Things I do know is it felt and looked flatter. I don't group shoot but my hits were tight.
  4. Selecw it's the AUS length barrel. This is the same length barrel that they fit SP-01/Shadows in Australia to be legal. This barrel is not threaded.
  5. Got my upper back from CZC and man they did a great job. They fitted their Match barrel and it feels great. The chamber is tight. Had a couple feeding issues. Also had some ejecting problem. I had not changed the ejector spring since I had the gun (approx 15k rds). Spring felt weak so I changed that. Other than that the gun was accurate and felt flatter. Since it was in the shop I was shooting my back up accu shadow. I will give a follow up range report the next match. But all in all I am very happy with it.
  6. Right now any work will be an 8 week wait.
  7. I talked to them the other week and they can mill the LPA rear.
  8. Kahai808

    SP-01 & Ammo

    my shadow will feed rounds that don't pass my case gauge. I am loading them to 1.100"Exact same here, but I would never trust a round in a match that fails the case gaugeAgree!
  9. Kahai808

    SP-01 & Ammo

    my shadow will feed rounds that don't pass my case gauge. I am loading them to 1.100"
  10. I have owned Large Frame Stock 2, Small Frame Stock 2 and CZ Shadow. Each gun has their own strengths. For me I like the shadow. fits my hand best. when shooting I really don't notice the trigger. my best advice is to shoot each gun and decide for yourself.
  11. a buddy of mine uses this load and it feels pretty good.
  12. 147gr because of lighter recoil impulse and I use less powder. as far accuracy, it all depends on your gun. I tend to stay away from plated.
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