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  1. They jumped on my small parts in 2 days. Primer slide bushing and feed tips.
  2. I've got an EGW F/O front sight coming in for my P16, I'll let you know how it looks, durability wise.
  3. The wet tumbling gets cases very clean. But I still use dry media, I'm not ready to add that much more time to reloading. You can get a decent vibratory cleaner from Harbor freight.
  4. I am going thru a similar situation, but I already have the P16. Lately I have been running just the para, but I shoot the 75 with SP01 mags. I would run the SP01 i also have, but I ended up with the tactical model(D/A first shot). I would look around for a gently used P16 Ltd and a bunch of mags. Prices are pretty good right now.
  5. 18# is what baer specs out in their commander type.
  6. Did you get this figured out yet? Both Dawson and Brownells have pretty good info on their websites about sight height calculations.
  7. I had a similar experience with mag pouches. Sprint from start to shooting position, got some good hits, move to second position and start my reload.................with my mags 35 feet behind on the ground. The RO was a pretty good sport, he let me back up and retreive them and finish the stage.
  8. Cancel. I see from your other thread you bought a Gen4 G19? Noooooooo. We lost another one.
  9. I have been shooting 200 gr LSWC from various suppliers for 30 years now. My experience has been buy the best ones you can find, which are often the most expensive ones. I am finally thru about 6k of bargain bullets, and they were the dirtiest bullets ever. They would start to cause the gun to run sluggish and fail to go into battery after only a couple hundred rounds. They were also very accurate in my single stack, so I kept them. Seat and crimp dies needed to be cleaned out every hundred rounds. They were only .05 cents ea., so I got what I paid for. MO. bullet 200 gr LSWC are a
  10. This-We need more info- load specs and gun type
  11. I wish I could shoot as well as I reload with my 550
  12. First, this is a great place for info. I seem to learn something new everytime I read a topic. Next, I have a Pre-B 550, have had it for 26 years and loaded many thousands of 45,44 and 9mm on it. It has no lube ports/holes, so I have used whatever flavor of gun oil on hand to lube the pivot points and the ram. I have to kind of squirt the oil into the pivots, and it really seems to have worked too. Pretty messy, but effective. After all these years, It still feels tight and smooth. I can drill and tap the pivot points and add zerks. Think it would be worthwhile?
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