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  1. Area 1 and Oregon State used the Bluetooth printers. Both had to receive approval from Mike to go paperless.
  2. I’ll give the transition drill a go and track how it changes things.
  3. I have a problem and am looking for help. When I shoot a three target array I have a tendancy to shoot 2A - 2C (one on either side of the A) and 2C/1C-1A (usually on the inside edge). This is more pronounced the closer the array. I know I'm rushing and am having problems breaking through and making it stop. If I "slow down" and watch the dot I can get all A or A and close C but the HF is lower than when I shoot at what seems like match speed to me. I know I need to fix this because the other A/M/G can shoot the same array with a higher HF and it's the points that set is apart. Other than practicing a 3 target array, is there another drill than can help me focus on the right things? jim - A/Open
  4. Another suggestion. I had an STI with a plastic grip and the STI insert. When I changed guns to an Atlas with a steel grip it hung sometimes. Changed to the SV insert and all is better.
  5. And you will love every minute of it. Back to the question. I tried a less expensive gun and it was a disaster. I traded it for an Atlas and it's been rock solid. As others have said there are other gun builders that make quality guns. I suggest going with a well known and respected gunsmith, getting some good mags from the builder, and find a bullet profile that works. And we do have cookies
  6. I have two Brazos Edges in .40 that I love to shoot. Both have just under 10k rounds and never had a problem.
  7. Reviving a long lost thread. From what I've gleaned from the thread - Use a separate 9mm and .40 toolhead, dies, expander, powder - Use the 9mm Shell Plate (#5 shell plate) - Use the #3 Pins for 9mm and the #2 pins for .40 -Question: What about the Casefeed Plunger? Can one plunger be used for both and if so which one?
  8. My MBX mags ran great from the beginning. After 6 months I swapped to new MBX springs and they run great. Why change what works?
  9. Before you start grinding, if you remove the grips do you still have the problem? If not then the grip is getting in the way. As others have said, if you need to fit something then fit the less expensive part to the more expensive part.
  10. I do the same thing. I’ve been shooting a lot of speed steel with a .22 and I can get away with the chop. Might be time to set aside the .22 and focus on the open gun.
  11. I haven't figured out what the rental fee will be. We figure somewhere between 700-800 rounds for the two days. Observations: Makeup on steel, you know how to fix that. Forgetting stage plan(s), again you know how to fix that. The two obvious ones on the video and shooting off plan on stage 4. It worked out but it's not what you wanted to do. On the prone stage much of the long movement was with both hands on the gun with just a little off the gun. Have you tried/timed when it's best to take your hand off? - Just another B class shlub
  12. I tried that a long time ago and it made me woozy. My brain couldn’t adjust. Did you have any problems or adjustment period?
  13. I use the same rig for open and limited. No changes for each division.
  14. Over the course of 2 years if I average three range trips a month then it's less than $6 per trip. (I can talk myself into anything)
  15. I can rationalize. My vision is fairly stable so I don't need new glasses every year. It's fairly easy to get a 20% off code for Rudy and you can save a bit by dropping the anti-reflective coating. I also do this out of my pre-paid medical so it's pre-tax dollars.
  16. I had a set of Rudy's made. They ain't cheap. You have to dig on the website to find the right form. It's easier to call and you'll need to send the your prescription. At one time they listed ANSI certification for the ImpactX lenses but I don't see it now. Prices are w/out discount. Get a code Frame: Noyz / Frozen Ash [$199.99]Lens: ImpactRx FreeForm TEK / Photochromic Clear [$360.00]Full Anti Reflective Coating [$100.00]TOTAL COST: $659.99.
  17. I went to my Optometrist and him make a single vision prescription that is a compromise between near and far and gives me the ability to have a decent front site focus. He had me bring my gun so we could make sure we developed a good prescription.
  18. Clean the striker channel. While you are at it get the upgraded striker retainer pin from springer or one of the other suppliers. When I was shooting an XDm I’d clean the striker channel every 1000 rounds or so and replace the pin every 5000 or so. As long as I kept to that schedule I didn’t have light strike problems..
  19. Another vote for the AlphaX. It's easier to adjust and if you travel it's easier to pack because of the takedown mechanism.
  20. No idea why they do it but I throw it all away. I had a separation that got stuck in the bore of my gun and it was a major pain to remove. I have the two pieces stuck to a shelf above my loading bench as a reminder to check every case.
  21. The reg doesn't say factory. 8) Small arms ammunition for personal use carried by a crewmember or passenger in checked baggage only, if securely packed in boxes or other packagings specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. Ammunition clips and magazines must also be securely boxed. This paragraph does not apply to persons traveling under the provisions of 49 CFR 1544.219. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=&SID=0e643a4dc787c2bebb8e96698e046b29&mc=true&n=pt49.2.175&r=PART&ty=HTML - se49.2.175_110#se49.2.175_110
  22. Maybe related - See post #12 - The letters found underneath the slide stop are BSCKB http://www.1911forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=336828
  23. I've never had a stage that bad. The worst was 3 shooters in a row at a local and I couldn't run the stage anymore as it got to me. I can't imagine how you dealt with 32 in 3 days. That's almost one per squad.
  24. I know we are all big kids and should know to turn then draw but facing uprange with hands at sides is begging for people to DQ. Wrists above shoulders wouldn't have changed the shooting challenge but is a more practiced starting position and may have saved a couple those tally marks.
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