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  1. Thanks, I was going to try blue bullets 124,147 and acme 124,147 to try and find a load my stock likes. Thanks again for the help guys I was to be honest a little shocked that I had to get going shorter when the other guns cycled the longer bullets with no issue. I just wanted to ask before going any shorter. I'll also get the barrel reamed just to get me flexibility. This is my first tanfo and its great gun just I have a lot to learn.
  2. thanks I'll take is down a little shorter I'm going to try to take it down to 1.14 -1.145 then go shorter if needed thanks for the help
  3. Over length is 1.15 do stock 2's perfer the shorter load?
  4. So this is my first stock 2 and I have a few questions. I am trying to use a 124 blue bullet and its checking fine by 2 9mm case gauges(a wilson gauge and a shockbottle hundo) and cycles fine in a glock 34 (all of this is using a dummy bullet) but will not go into battery using the stock two. I was going to see if the barrel service patriot defense provides will help my issues. Anybody have any words of wisdom I'm a rookie guys I love the gun shoots great compared to the glock. Thanks for all the help guys this is my first gun of all this type
  5. The mobile bench is a 46 inch bench with drawers and a wooden top and lockable wheels, weights about 190 pounds not including what I put in it.
  6. I was wanting to put a 1050(mark 7 will come later) on a 46 inch work bench in the middle of a room kinda like a island concept. but was a little concerned with the machine moving has anybody tried this my gut says as long at the bench is locked in place it would be fine but I just wanted to see what others think about it any pictures would be great help thanks for the help
  7. I was looking to replace my sights on a stock 2. Anybody have suggestions on which ones to get and do you have to replace the rear sight also . Thanks for the help
  8. Looks great I have a few old ones I have been thinking about starting something like that.
  9. These are the magazines for the stock 2 Right I’m new to Tanfoglio sorry for the question just trying to learn about the pistol
  10. I was looking at the acme also I order a small pack of the chey cast. If your passing out the blue bullet code send it my was I'm trying to make some subsonic 9mm.
  11. I bought a 650 a few weeks ago and loaded up 10(I didn't want to pull to many if I screwed up) 9mm rounds using berrys 115 rnds with 4.0 grains of TG with CCI small pistol primers I started at 4.0 due to the lowside of the charge I wanted to be safe. It seems that my O.A.L should be no more than 1.169 asper the Hornady book(newest edition). When I check my length the O.A.L of the loaded round seems to vary with some being 1.158,1.155,1.162. For the most part they are between 1.155 and 1.162 none of them are longer than 1.169. Should I be worried about the length difference? I am thinking I could be the berrys bullets or due to operator differences and different head stamped brass. All of the loaded rounds were checked with a case gauge and also checked with my pistol barrel. Thank you for all of your help I am just learning and trying not to do anything stupid in the process.
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