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  1. I cast. I shoot with a G34 and G35. Not sure why but I'm much more accurate with the G35. They both group the same when benched.
  2. What ?!!! This super long thread and NO video ?!!
  3. I'm no expert. Sulfur is a component in gunpowders though and is yellow. I've seen this complaint in another forum just recently. My guess would be as good as yours. And my guess is that a step or so is being skipped for cost and/or faster production.
  4. I don't disagree one bit with the philosophies of the replies here. The OP does not mention to what happens only to ones competitor, but also to self. We are not robots here. We all see what goes on.
  5. I didn't think the majority would admit to it anyways. I see it .I hear it. It does go on. Just one of those things that don't belong in books or in class.
  6. 50/50 vinegar/peroxide only with stainless barrels. For sure some will argue , and state their thrown away barrel because of the mixture .
  7. Do you do this? At any match level. Do you really shoot the same at every match by concentrating on your own game? Your competitor's wheels just came off at a stage, at that point do you take it down a notch? Thinking " Ok,now I'm ahead, ill just cruise it , take no risks" Or your wheels just came off OR your loads didn't make Major. And now you're soooo behind that "what the heck, full throttle !!" I like to squad with my competitors whenever possible. But sometimes we get assigned. And at big matches we get to see day one results ( do you change your game from here? ) I noticed that I do it. And it works for me than it don't. I remember discussing this with another shooter just recently, but his mentality is different. He prefers to mind his own shooting and not others.
  8. Everyone has to shoot the same stage. I'm down for anything. It is all practical. We are fat, skinny, tall, short, fast, and slow. It's not like every stage has a prone position. It's part of the mix, don't take it away! I'm tall, and there are much low ports for short shooters, advantage for them, so what ?! I'm not going too accommodate one bad knee. That bad knee could be a scenario. No one is forcing the bad knee to shoot. There's is Bullseye , Trap , or Skeet if you want to "stand-n-shoot" in one spot.
  9. Do you compete with the 300 Blackout ? Major or Minor ? Pros ? Cons?
  10. Anyone got loads that make Major in 16" 1:8 barrel? Locally, it looks like our clubs wont be using TimePlus for awhile... Ill also be casting some 155's and 230's . I have on hand some 110 MK's, 125 MK's , and 175 MK's... I just ordered parts to put together an upper, maybe a month to complete..Thanks in advance
  11. I use Qtips to clean out the sleeve. I lightly oil the spring cups with Mobile1. Never had problems with light strikes. Maybe its because I clean my gun every 200-400 rds. I can see how the oil can attract gunk though. I shoot cast.
  12. I like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUwve2VMFBU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  13. Seriously, I couldnt agree with you more ... That is why I shoot my Glocks . When I win , its just a lot more bragging rights !!! Winning with a gun that is: -cheaper -less accurate -crappy trigger -less capacity -lighter (snappier recoil) ............ having said that , if I dont win , then thats all my excuses ;-) ;-)
  14. +1 I was the first to reply on this post ...
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