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  1. I get it. Simple enough concept, now that you've pointed it out. I just wasn't seeing the forest for the trees. Thanks.
  2. I'm confused by the rules and illustration (included below and attached) regarding scoring no-shoots overlaying a scoring target and could use some help understanding. I assume each of the examples in the illustration show the bullet diameter touching the scoring line on the no-shoot and NOT extending outside of the scoring line. If that is the case, it took me a while to understand it, but that led to another question (if that's not the case, then I'm really confused.): If the shot extends outside of the scoring line on the no-shoot into the scoring area of the underlying target, then would example #6, for instance, be still be scored as "C, NS" or would it be scored as "A, NS" under 9.5.2? It would seem to me that would not apply because part of the bullet diameter would have hit the scoring target. "9.5.2 If the bullet diameter of a hit on a scoring target touches the scoring line between two scoring areas, or the line between the non-scoring border and a scoring area, or if it crosses multiple scoring areas, it will be scored the higher value. Additionally, Rule 9.5.2 is clarified to apply only to the visible portions of targets. It specifically does not apply to any area of any target which is in direct contact with and overlapped by the scoring area of another target (scoring and/or no-shoots) or by hard cover. See illustration in Notes section." Page 119 from 2021-USPSA-Competition-Rules-March-2021.pdf
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