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  1. inquiring minds Competitor Statistics (Gottaknow.pdf) Stages (BIBG2013.pdf) GottaKnow.pdf BIBG2013.pdf
  2. Did some one ask about the Stages??? BlueGrassStages1_4.pdf BlueGrassStages5_8.pdf
  3. I am running a Kimber in 38 Super with a 9mm barrel - After installing an Aftec it runs like a champ (loading 95JHP to 126 - No issues)
  4. Louis - Glad to hear you are bringing Company..... I have attached the Stages for tomorrow - Should be a great Day FebSteel.pdf
  5. OK Guys and Gals We have another Stage - Attached Files shows All 7 Stage Thus Far BBGStage1-4.pdf BBGStage5-7.pdf
  6. From Corey Sorry for the delay had issue with File Size - Clyde Updated Stages - attached 11/23 (BBGStage1-6rev1.pdf) BBGStage1-6rev1.pdf
  7. Min Round count is 125. We recommend 200 per gun. 5 Stages this month. FYI - it might be a little warm this month.
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