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  1. I'm using the PCC Uni-Mag from Shook's Customs. They work great with the ELS forks.
  2. Local guy 3D Printed one for me. He does it on the side. I like it.
  3. I love being different! This thing just runs and runs... Norinco 320 UZI clone
  4. My Uzi is a 10.25" SBR and I have no trouble making hits at extended ranges. My AR is a 10.5" SBR and I also have no issues. The statement above about bullets not stabilizing on longer tighter targets is odd to me since most pistol barrels used in this game are 4.5-6" and people can make their hits at extended ranges no problem.
  5. That is an old Bushnell Holosight. Kind of the precursor to the EoTech.
  6. Norinco 320 SBR'd UZI clone with Primary Arms Micro Dot on a Stormwerkz rail. Taylor Freelance +10 extension on the mag.
  7. I'm using Safariland 773 pouches for Glock mags with my Uzi mags. Just a bit more tension on the screws and they are fine.
  8. I shot a local Steel Challenge match my UZI on Sunday. Although I was the only PCC, I took the overall match win.
  9. I find CZ's to be too small in my hand. The Tanfo just fits better. For me anyway....
  10. I thought about about doing this but didn't know if it would be feasible. How much did you have to file off the CZ sight to fit it to your Tanfoglio? ~.012" I'm a total idiot, can you possibly show on a pic or drawing, where you filed?
  11. I used a Elite Limited in 9mm this year in USPSA. Got it new and I've got approx 4000 rounds through it with exactly one malfunction that was ammo related. Buy with confidence. The gun just runs.
  12. The capacity makes this a mute point in my opinion. Do you wannna practice reloads all day like a Single Stack shooter? Or do you wanna shoot more between reloads? No brainer for me...
  13. Very nice. Got any other pics? I see they also cut the bottom of the slide. How much material was taken out?
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