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  1. I change the barrel van 38 to 9mm and the cost are around 500 euro (in the netherlands) The gun runs good i use spacers in the mags... Load 124 grn 7,3 3n37... Gr Pol
  2. Hi Tommy the STI is new sold by Drummen. Tommy are you the same Tommy on VUWA? Gr Hans 2811
  3. Hi pistol was completed February 2011 at the factory. Is sold beginning 2012 in the Netherlands... 2811
  4. Hi, I notice this marks on my STI.. Can somebody tell me the meaning of this marks? Gr Hans [emoji37] sorry not allow to post pictures Check my Facebook facebook.com/tanfoglio.nl/ 2811
  5. Changing fast from large to small primer setup.. Remove the primer holder at the top of de primer bar. Put the small or large in, then put the press down and fastened it... 2811
  6. My .45 and open 9mm 2811
  7. Hi i'm looking for reloading data N320 N310 for Berry's 185 gn RNHB .45 acp Min Load and Max Load... Thanks Hans Netherlands
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