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  1. At Area 4 this year it did become a problem on one stage. We had two young women on our stage and one of them was wearing some camo shorts that she bought a Wal-**** the day before. Now mind you these shorts were very short and looked VERY good on this young lady. The RO not only made an a** of himself over it but when I asked about what was going on he shoved the rule book in my face and said its in the rule book and she can't wear them shorts. I got a little upset and told him " it says discourged not forbidden". I contacted the RM (Tom D) and the problem was taken care of. Nowadays you see people wearing camo all over the place it has become in style.
  2. I guess its time to break out my bullet casting equip and start casting again. Many years ago when the wife and I were young I could cast bullets for like 3.50 a thousand. I know someone that will give me all the lead I can haul away.
  3. I have a beretta 682 that I have had for almost 25 years and it is still as tight today as it was when it was brand new. You willbe very happy with that gun.
  4. I bought a Lee carbide and ground it down myself and it works great
  5. Open guns are like hot women it takes lots of stroking and money to keep them happy. But what else does an old man like me have to spend money on anyway.
  6. A few years back I was out at the range doing some chrono work. This guy walked up and asked if he could chrono some loads. I told him sure but the skyskreens were 27.50 each and if he shot one he had to pay. He agreed and he got both skyscreens on the first shot. He opened his wallet and handed me 60 bucks and a Im Sorry about that. I felt bad because he still didn't know how fast his loads were going.
  7. Thanks for posting Mike. Thats going to be a cool match to put on my calender.
  8. Lee dies have a recess in the die before it gets to the sizing ring. I ground it down to where the sizing ring starts and it gets much lower. Thats what they do to the U die.
  9. Azone41

    9 MM

    8.2 - 8.5 @1.160 should get you about 168-171 Pf. Always start low and work up.
  10. My local club is 14 miles from home and we shoot two matches a month. On the weekends that we don't have a match then Doubletap Ranch does and its 80 miles from the house. I go to Doubletap on my motorcycle so its about 10-12 bucks for gas.
  11. Tightloop I wasn't trying to brag. I was letting people know how to keep from getting into trouble when supplies get low. It's just like a friend of mine everytime he goes to the gas station he buys 15 dollars worth of gas so he has to stop and buy gas 2 or 3 times a week, I once asked him why he dosen't just fill it up and he told me it costs to much. That makes alot of sense DOH.
  12. I haven't had a problem getting supplies because when zeros come available I buy 12,000 and when primes are in stock I get 20,000, powder I get 16lbs at a time. This last wait on zero bullets was starting to get close I was down to 3000 when Augus shipped the order. Vit powders are just getting to hard to get I have 6 lbs of 350 and 3 lbs of 3n38 but when its gone I will go back to HS-6 for 9mm major. I was joking with a buddy the other day and told him I was going to pull the bullet casting set off the shelf and start casting again. I am going to sell off all my rem 38 super+P brass once my gunsmith lets me know that he is ready for my super (converting it to 9 major). I have two 2,000 round boxes that haven't been opened yet.
  13. I really like 9 major. I am still a brass hound and pick up everything I can. I like how flat 9 major shoots and its very easy to load once you get the formula correct. I have two open guns 1 9 and 1 38 super, the super already has a date to get converted to 9
  14. I use homemade case lube. I buy 4 ounce bottles of liquid Lanolin for 4.95 a bottle and mix 1 and a half bottles of rubbing alcohol into a sprayer form the dollar store with 2 ounces of the lanolin. One sprayer full including the cost of the sprayer $ 4.75 and one bottle lasts about a year and a half. To clean the lube off of the cases I sometimes tumble them but most of the time I lay them on a towel and LIGHTLY spray them with carb cleaner and roll them in the towel, the carb cleaner evaporates very quckly and gets the cases very clean.
  15. My Daughter just gave me a 50 dollar gift cert for fathers day
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