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  1. Has anyone tried out the Armalite 3-Gunner. I'm shopping for a first AR and it looks like a decent deal, especially as a rifle to build on. Any opinions?
  2. A really good source for information on training to run is Tim Nokes "The Lore of Running". He has several training plans to build up to different distances from zero and reduce the chance of injury. There is also a lot about how to train to be faster. The major tools for increasing speed in running are interval training and weight training. You need a good base before starting intervals and you should get a medical exam and cardiac stress test before starting high intensity running.
  3. Before you consider any serious training get a full checkup with a echo stress test if possible. Techniques like interval training put serious stress on your heart. Also, ramp up slowly in any training program. it takes more time for your tendons and ligaments to adape than it takes to build muscle strength. That is a primary reason why beginning runners often get stuck in the "train - get injured - recover - repeat" cycle. Tim Nokes has a great book called "The Lore of Running" which includes incremental build-up programs for runners. For weight training, it's really useful to have someone like a personal tariner advise you. Finally, core training is really important for all sports.
  4. I've been a semi-serious recreational ride for maybe 20 years and a runner forever. I like to tell people that biking will make you fit but running makes you tough. I used to ride everything on a nice cyclocross bike, but since I moved to Flagstaff I've been mostly mountain biking on dual-suspension bikes. Since I've developed arthritus in one foot and had to lay off running, I just bought a new Stumpy FSR Elite with is 1) an amazing ride and 2) amazingly expensive. One thing I've noticed is that road riding is great for endurance training, mountain biking is more like continous interval training.
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