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  1. Had the chance to hold a CZ Shadow 2 finally and I get why it is such a popular choice. Tempted to buy one even more now.
  2. I'll probably put one on my 92 FS sooner rather than later but I don't see it as a necessity. The conversion is inexpensive enough though that I can easily justify it.
  3. I did my own trigger job this last weekend. Used the Langdon trigger bar in NP3, an Elite II Hammer and 13lb hammer spring. Stoned/polished everything up nice. The Langdon trigger bar is awesome. Single action pull and reset is as good as my 1911's and there is almost no overtravel. The shorter reset is no joke. Double action has no stacking and is smooth at 7lbs. Added an extended magazine release and beveled and polished the Magwell. I'll probably throw a G conversion on it and call it good. Maybe an LPA or Wilson rear sight in the future but my 92FS will still have the dot front. I could paint it or drill it for a fiber optic or gold bead. In retrospect I might have gone with an LTT Elite. It has all the right features. I'm really loving and looking forward to shooting a Beretta though.
  4. I've read through a few other threads on this subject and it seems the matter is as clear as mud and in many ways open to interpretation. I want it to be permissible but as I interpret the rulebook it would not be. Strict interpretation vs spirit of the law. It is somewhat moot though as I can work/train around the original OFM design.
  5. Thanks for the help and excellent information. I'll report back with results in the future.
  6. Do you know if the 9mm lee factory crimp die work as well?
  7. Looking to develop load for 627 using 158gr to 170gr coated bullets. Are you trimming down 38 special brass and if so to what length? I'm using TK moon clips for starline and will probably cut down brass I already have if it is okay to do. I seem to remember reading that some were experimenting with a length around .900 (between short and long colt). What dies are you using and accessories on Dillon (I'm running a 650). IE do 38 special case feed components work with the shorter brass? Thanks for any help.
  8. The cost of being competitive in limited or open is definitely a contributing factor to CO popularity. $1300 can get you a glock with an SRO or a Shadow 2 with irons for CO/Production. A competitive 2011 with required magazines is double that.
  9. Out of curiousity how are you defining the limited minor division your advocating? Would it be same rules as current limited just with minor scoring (as the name seems to imply)? SAO inclusive? That seems to be redundant as the current limited allows for minor scoring. As others have pointed out it would be the same as splitting out Major/Minor revolver or single stack which you're not arguing for I take it. What I think your desiring is a place to shoot 9mm that is somewhere between the requirements of production and carry optics (open lite). I sort of get that but I would still limit this division to DA/SA and Striker fired and let the 2011s play in Limited/Open. Of course that would probably be the death of production.
  10. Thanks for the the replies. I'm going to stick to shooting in production division for the foreseeable future. As a kid I grew up shooting Glocks all the way back to the first generation. Carried an M9 deployed in Afghanistan, shot it well and became comfortable with it. I've been pretty indecisive on which of the two to shoot. Ultimately what is most important is probably to pick one and put the other one away for a season and stick to a platform. I'll do some trigger work to the Beretta and re-evaluate but that is the direction I'm leaning. I was surprised/disappointed to discover that there are hardly any Beretta shooters at the competitive level these days. To be honest I don't care which gun I'm shooting as well as I can see progress and improvement. If I suck its not likely to be because of either gun. I need to reign in my expectations some and gain some confidence. I just ordered Stoeger's most recent book!
  11. Is converting a 92FS safety to a 92G legal in production. From the manual: For purposes of this clause, the prohibition on “disabling” means that you may NOT modify an external safety mechanism in any way that affects its function as a safety per the OFM design.
  12. Do the mecgar 18 round magazines with Taylor Freelance basepads (sold for use in Canik) fit the box?
  13. I'm going to be shooting production but it really seems to be hurting right now. I shot limited major some years ago with an STI Edge. I don't see an issue with limited as it currently sits but I do wish production would up the capacity to 15 like IPSC. The lower capacity divisions (revo, SS, production) seem to be struggling the most. It seems these three divisions come with the greatest handicap and require a lot more diligence, skill, consistency and stage planning. Equipment/gun is still important but less so than other divisions.
  14. I'm not against the usage of red dots. I have a G34 MOS that my wife will be using with an SRO/RMR. I'll be able to shoot and learn red dot usage with that as well. I own several handguns but they can't all accommodate RMRs. In the future I may buy another optic ready platform or mill the slide of one of my current handguns for competition or carry use but I do believe that proficiency with iron sights is a worthwhile pursuit.
  15. Looked at the latest match results for the local club. There were only 2 production shooters out of 35. 14 shooters in CO which was the largest group. I knew CO was gaining traction but I'm still surprised. Revolver and single stack weren't even represented. Weekly informal matches had a few SS/revos but the vast majority of people were shooting CO or limited(75%). I'm not wanting to go red dot. Maybe an STI Edge in the future instead of the Shadow.
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