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  1. Hard to find a date in the shooting season that doesn't conflict with another match. But I'll be at this one. The Clairton staff puts on quality matches. Looking forward to it!
  2. Gary built both my Open and Limited guns and I'm really happy with them (and I'm an old bullseye shooter ). Like others have said, the guns are tight and run great. Best bet is to talk to Gary about your expectations. I'm sure he can build you something you will really like.
  3. It's always nice to see something different, and this sure is a change to the typical classifier freestyle/strong/weak hand distance format. Looks like I'll have something new to practice I'm really looking forward to this match!
  4. Gary Natale at GANS. Gun works great and and he's a first class guy!
  5. Sure would have been nice to see what the PF was through my gun - getting ready to load Nationals ammo and wanted verification my load was good to go. Getting the tested PF was not easy - had to search through a bucket of ammo bags at the chrono after shooting was done. The PF written on the card in the bag was much higher than was ever measured before.
  6. I keep telling that particular shooter to slow down a little so we can see his reloads, but he just won't listen
  7. A couple of years ago I polled all the shooters at a monthly match about their target preference: 1. Metric only 2. Classic only 3. A mix (obviously not on the same COF) Option #3 was chosen by the large majority - maybe about 80%. The general consensus was that a target is a target, and it was nice to change things up occasionally. The remaining votes were pretty evenly split between options #1 & #2! So - we use both. Over the course of the year, we're about half and half .... but strictly turtles when its going to rain. (hate droopy heads!)
  8. I need a mount for my new Meopta K-Dot, and was thinking about either the LaRue SPR or SPR-E. For me, the Meopta eyepiece should be about an inch forward of the rear of the charging handle. From some of the other posts, I'm fairly certain the SPR-E would work fine, but I'd prefer the shorter mount. Looking at pictures of the SPR, it seems like it may work - but just barely. Anyone have any experience with a Meopta and SPR? Thanks.
  9. The difference between a great match and a "not-so-good" match is largely due to the staff. At most majors, they are there for 4 days or so, putting in long days to make everyone else's match safe and enjoyable. You can't attract or keep quality staff if you don't treat them well. What Flex mentioned is a "standard" package. To his list, I would add drinks on the range, and a portion of the donated prizes held back for a staff drawing.
  10. Ummm ... I didn't say that YOU did. That's the one. The point I was trying to make was that WE have an interest in seeing the "mortals" shoot because we may know someone who shot the match, or might have even shot it ourselves. But, I'd bet that most everyone else who were tuned in, would rather see the top dogs in action. With only a few minutes to cover the match and tell the story, you can only cover so much. hoopla???
  11. Coverage of the Pro-Am was first class. Given the format of a half-hour show, I thought they did an excellent job of explaining the game, showing us what the match looked like, and capturing the excitement of a very close finish. Sure, it would have been nice to see more people shooting, but face it, unless you or someone you knew was shooting, most everyone out there wants to see the super squad shoot. Shooting USA is a great show - about the only thing on TV worth arranging your schedule around. It's way out of line to rudely hammer them because they didn't cover the match exactly the way you wanted.
  12. Ron Rodgers

    Slide Lock

    Thanks Flex. It is a 3 pin model, and you may be right about his spring being bent out of shape. His slide stop felt different than the one on my 34. I'll take a look at his spring and compare it to mine. He shot my 34 with no problems.
  13. Ron Rodgers

    Slide Lock

    That was my first thought too. I watched him shoot a while, and his thumbs are definitely below the slide. It is the original (not extended) slide stop.
  14. Ron Rodgers

    Slide Lock

    I'm stumped by this one .... A friend's G22 slide locks back after every shot when he shoots it, but works fine for everyone else. His grip isn't too bad, except he keeps his hands a little too low on the grip. No part of his hand or thumb are riding the slide. Since it only happens for him, it must be something he's causing. But still .... this shouldn't happen to a Glock! The gun & mags are clean and no problems are obvious to me ... but that isn't saying much Except for a drop in trigger, its all stock parts, and not used very hard. Any ideas? Ron
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