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  1. smsnyder

    938 question

    ACCURACY WAS GREAT WITH THE p938. A friend of mine shot half dollor size groups with the gun at about 20 yards.
  2. Can;t seem to find the rules on Factory class/Production Guns. What you can and cannot change on the gun to stay in factory class shoots?. Thanks
  3. I haven't seen any For sale Ads?
  4. Were do you find used race guns or other pistols for sale on this site?
  5. What size dot on a C MORE dot scope do you guys suggest to shoot steel targets and other games? THANKS
  6. Got a phone number for Carver? Thanks
  7. Just bought the Sig 1911 22. Shots well with no problems. Neat 1911 22.
  8. Got a Glock 34 and i am planning to put a c more red dot on it. What mounting system do you suggest? Thanks
  9. Considering a 45 cal in a 1911 gun. What gun do you suggest for target shooting? Sig, Colt, Kimber OR Smith? Thanks
  10. smsnyder

    Slide handle?

    Thanks , going to install c more on my glock 34
  11. smsnyder

    Slide handle?

    Were do you buy that slide handle used to open slide easier on Glocks. I see them on many race guns. THANKS
  12. Thanks guys. Very good info on Glock 34. Went to a steel shoot for the first time and saw a few other people shooting the Glock 34.
  13. Will try to go to Monroville tonight thanks?
  14. Trigger work is first on the list. Taking it from 5lbs to 3lbs. Need to do some homework on sights. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE GUYS.
  15. I need some ideas on items i need to add to my Glock 34 to make it a good race gun to shot steel targets? What is the most inportant changes i can make to my factory Glock 34 to improve its shooting. Thanks
  16. Want to shoot some steel target matches etc. Just purchased Walther PPS 40mm. Glock 34 9mm , Sig 1911 22 cal, Tarus 22 magnum Revolver, Kimber SOLO 9MM. Kinda went nuts on new handguns. LOL What else do i need to get started? Clips sights ,holsters etc ? Any good videos out there on shooting the games? Thanks
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