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  1. mattwaage

    SP01 Decocker

    I had my tactical worked over by CGW and I prefer it well over my akai shadow. Single action is perfect and double is good. Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
  2. yeah maybe just get a cone comp installed like atlas suggested and a frame reduction, some slide lightening, and a drill and tap, and deal with how long it is.
  3. Hmmm I will have to look into those options... Or maybe just sell this and buy a czechmate, dont want to have to try too hard to make 9 major and have durability issues like you said. Just measured the barrel every which way too, 5.1 like you said. Wonder why they advertise them as 5.4?
  4. THat was pretty much what I had imagined it looking like. Do share the story behind building that? What comp/slide/barrel setup is that?
  5. I just slide a 75b slide on and it fit, except the TS hammer is wider and wouldnt contact the firing pin. but looking to get a little shorter than that even. maybe a compact 75 slide with threaded barrel?
  6. Hello All, I am getting the open gun hankering. I have a bone stock 9mm tactical sport I would like to turn into an open gun. I do not want to build a czechmate clone, I want to do a few things different and I need some advice from all of you: I am going to list things number here that I intend to do to the pistol so If you are listing something you would do different just type the number (eg: 3: I would do this) 1: Grip reduction. I have a Shay Akai grip reduction on another 40 cal TS I bought from a member here and it is decent. Anyone else to try? 2: Slide/Barrel Shortening. It has a 5.4 inch barrel now and after you add and inch at least of comp to this this pistol starts to get pretty long. I would like to shorten the barrel and slide, if there is a smith who can do this and if it is cost feasible. Shorten slide and barrel to 4.5" barrel, threaded for comp. 3: Along with the slide shortening scallop all extra metal off slide and port it. 4: The frame will more than likely have to be cut away at the front alone the frame rails to clear the comp and shorter barrel. 5: Large Magwell (no clue on a good on) 6: Drill and tap for mount. Any recomendations on the best mount or optic setup to use here? 7: Big safeties, mag catches, etc for my medium sized hands. 8: Flat grips with tape of course. Add in anything else you guys think I might need or like. Thanks for the help, the biggest hurdle is if its even possible to shorten the slide as I would like, If not maybe I should just give up and buy a new czechmate, but they are so long... Thanks alot! -Matt
  7. mattwaage

    Help buld my SP-01

    i seen cajun gun works had a decocker kit, think it was a few more dollars. any preference on a cajun or cz action and trigger job? thinking of sending the pistol to one of them to do all their magic at once.
  8. mattwaage

    Help buld my SP-01

    Sure there are tons of topics on this but the search didnt yeild exactly what I want. Just picked up a SP-01 Tactical 9mm with the decocker. Not the best choice for production I suppose, as i hear manual safty shadow targets are, but im thinking I will put some parts in it and try it. Looking for a must have list for this gun from people who use them. "The Best" trigger kit, springs, guide rods, etc. that should be used for a production legal build. Thanks! -Matt
  9. I have a Burris Mtac 1.5-6. I have looked everywhere but at what power does the reticle subtend? 1.5? 4? 6? YOu think this would be printed somewhere but I guess i am illiterate Thanks -Matt
  10. I wound up getting an IOR 12-52 and will be ordering the XLR chassis for it sooner or later. Too busy buying ARs at this point.
  11. I have always "sought" to see the sights rise too
  12. Morning everyone! Ordered myself a AR-50 the day after the election Now I am having a tough time deciding on optics, more of the problems is I dont know what I want or what to look for. Lets start by saying the Obvious, It needs to be able to handle 50 recoil and muzzleblast/brake without issue. I would like the highest power magnification available. This means I would prefer a 30-40 power ovariable on the top end. I want enough travel in the elevation knob to go from 500 yards to ??? 2-3k yards (we have a giant powerline cut across the top of a mountain darn near) but to be practical lets say 500-2000 yards. Things I were looking at, Nightforce 8-32 and 12-42. Or any others? I just like to be able to see the target closer. But I dont know if those have enough elevation travel to go out as far as I want. Advice? Also on a retice... I dont know if a SFP or FFP would suit my needs better. what are your thoughts? I would like a reticle with easy rangefinding abilities. I am not MOA or MIL fluent but whatever way I go I will learn it. I may want a FFP so I dont have to mess around with finding the exact power to range targets with a SFP. But I still want a nice crisp reticle at full power magnification. This is only a single shot rifle and precision is paramount to any sort of "Tactical" features. I will be using this to punch paper and unknown distances most likely in conjuction with a rangefinder and ballistic program but I still would like easy rangefinding in the reticle and other marks to gauge size, distance, wind, etc But It would be nice if I wanted to play tactical to be able to engage unkown distance targets fairly reliably without the laser rangefinder and software. My scope budget is "Buy once cry once" but for practical purposes I would like to stay below $2500 though if its a must have can spring for more. As far as the chassis I am thinking of getting an XLR chassis with their bipod for it so that it can have a folding stock to make it a little more easily portable and storable, It will have a tough time fitting in my safe without disassembly. Anyone have any experience with these? I am wondering how the XLR chassis does mounting the action solid for accuracy. the buttstock does not have a monopod option though and the ar-style handguard makes scope mounting slightly higher. http://www.xlrindust...lution-BMG.html Any thoughts or experience with this in a 50bmg? Any other advice is always appreciated Thanks -Matt
  13. Noone at my club shoots production. Or the 15 people shooting limited 3 or 4 have genuine limited gun, everyone else is shooting a production gun in 9, 40, or 45. The 10 round restriction just isnt fun to them. I think if we went to a 15rd like ipsc we would have more production shooters. Either way... My girlfriend started shooting with me this year with my glock 34. I had her shoot limited simply because she was not up to the level of being able to count her rounds and make her shots count. And she would still run the 34 dry occasionally (See texas star). Having to reload so frequently takes concentration off accuracy, speed, stage planning. Once she started to get these things down adding another reload in anywhere is a no brainer. To the OP your XDM 9 is a very competetive production gun. Not so much in limited due to minor. Not saying it cant be, but thats up to you to hit only A's. In the end I would probably shoot limited with it, having only 10rds is just not much fun to me...
  14. Re-elected Ohblahblah. Do that many Americans really believe in him or is it just voting democrat to keep getting something for nothing? I feel so let down. CLOSED
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