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  1. I run the KAK adapter and magpul moe sl stock. it's ok but I tried my buddies magpul Zhukov on his sig and I kinda like it
  2. Running a 24c for 1.5 years in my mpx's, I guess I am not that picky but I can't imagine worrying about creep and break for a gun game trigger.
  3. I see where Preppers carries them but they aren't in stock.
  4. Rob is a great guy and I would follow any advice he gives. I have opened up the gas ports on all three of my Sig mpx's. If you are only doing one gun then send it to Rob to do, you can't buy the carbide bit and armory block for what Rob will do it for. As for loads I ran 147 extreme with 3.6 gr of CFE for a solid year with no problems before I opened the gas port. You want a slower burning powder to create more gas fast burning powders like titegroup will not cycle reliably at low pf.
  5. Yeah I ultrasonic the plug and gas piston as well, works wonders after 30 minutes.
  6. Put it on sandbags and zero for 25yrds, it will hold 1" high or low out to 80-90 yards on most loads. I load a 147 plated with cafe powder and it is plenty accurate for the gun games.
  7. How does cearkote hold up over time? I had it on a rifle and it wore off pretty quickly.
  8. Polishing can't hurt, I am a fan of making everything as smooth as possible. That said do it once and just clean as needed.
  9. Very interested in the UR SAS 2 I hope they are as good as they look!
  10. Man I have 12k plus on mine and it runs just fine. I have had the JP and CZ, shot almost every AR based PCC out there an nothing comes close to the Sig . Granted you must clean it every 1000 -1200 rounds but I compete with it so this is expected. I have opened up the feed ramps on my back up Sig but it took all of 15 minutes.
  11. It blows me away how much gunk is in every crevice of my mpx after 800-900 rounds. Maybe it's my reloads but it gets dirty so fast.
  12. My splits are about the same as my limited gun but transitions are where the carbines really suffer, just a whole more mass to accelerate and decelerate.
  13. My thoughts exactly if it will hold up to an open gun the recoil impulse of a 9mm carbine is nothing.
  14. Run 105, 124, 147 Bayou Bullets with no issues at all.
  15. The problem with the Gen1 mags are the tapered feed lips. As long as the Bullets were Sammi spec or longer they feed just fine out of my Gen1 mags, if I was loading short out of necessity when using 147s or 105 the bullet came off the feed lip before the tip of the bullet made it into the chamber. Sammi spec 115s or 124s feed just fine out of either generation mag. Best deal I found on the Gen2 mags was through Midway, what a deal at $48.00?
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