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  1. my dp1 was defective after 3 months, my first rts2 after 4 months, himself repaired, 2 weeks later broken, the processing is bad. my sts and rts have not kept long, a lot of money for scrap. dp2 too expensive, 750 euros with us Shoot again the old Cmore, 10 years old and still in operation
  2. nobi

    parts from usa

    thanks for reply, otherwise there is possibility to buy akai comp. parts are not subject to licensing obligation thank you
  3. nobi

    parts from usa

    hello, I am ipsc shooter, and I need parts. e.g. svi magazine, akai comp. speed shooter does not deliver to germany. is there someone in the usa send me private? my native language is not English, hope you understand me. thank you norbert
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