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  1. Eric shipped mine out the same day with a tracking number. I got them in 2 days. I ordered probably 2 months ago. Great service.
  2. Thanks for the critique. This was exactly what I was looking for. Stage 1 - I realized at the end of the stage that I planned it poorly. Also I agree that weaving back and forth to the targets was costly. I'm a good enough shot to hit those from distance. There was no reason for me to weave other than my fear of missing. Stage 2 - I saved the Star until last as I was afraid I would run out of rounds. A lot of the master shooters started with the star from the box and then moved to the Left and Right arrays. Stage 3 - Thanks. Some times I get over zealous and like to let the rounds fly. Stage 4 - I never thought about moving forward far enough to engage both targets on one side at the same time. Thanks! Stage 5 - It was a classifier stage. Nothing too special. Although I snapped my very final shot and ended up with a Mike on the last target. Grrrrr. Can't wait to shoot again. I have had some experience with IDPA, but USPSA is a much different mindset. I loved it.
  3. Nevermind. I can post now.
  4. I just recently shot in my first USPSA Match. Here is a link to the video. Please give me some pointers on what I need to improve. This match was nasty. It rained almost the whole time. It was a challenge just to make it through the stages without falling in the mud. I've never shot a Texas star before and that was a bitch. I probably made it harder than I needed to by panicking and snapping the trigger. I was shooting Production with a G34. I ended up in 8th place out of 16 in the production class. Thanks for the help.
  5. I get tired of setting up paper. It requires the base, sticks, cardboard, paper, and a staple gun. So I picked up 2 Action Target Evil Roy stands. The setup in 10 seconds with no problem. After that, all I need is spray paint if desired.
  6. I usually get jittery before a match starts, but as soon as the buzzer goes off I go brain dead. Recently I have been trying to focus my nervousness into getting amped up instead. Especially on the opening stages, when I do this I have been shooting much better. When I have a good first stage, the effect usually carries through the rest of the match with me.
  7. Carbonfly

    17 or 34?

    The wife is usually using my 17 when she competes so that only leaves me with the G34. But I don't think either one is measurably better than the other.
  8. I like to have at least 10 for every gun no matter what. If its a competition gun, I like to have 20 so that I can make it through an entire match without reloading mags if possible.
  9. I'm new here....obviously. I just wanna post a link to a video of me shooting my first match so it can get critiqued. What's the magic number of posts to be able to do that? Thanks.
  10. This is what I tried to do...but it took me about 2.5 mags to finish the star in my first match yesterday. It's my first time ever seeing that darn thing.
  11. Haha....yes I was at the MCRC match. Lots of fun, even in the rain.
  12. Never really thought about this. I just shot my first USPSA match using cheap 115's. Maybe I should think about trying 147's. Would it really make that big of a difference?
  13. I have TalonGrips on my G17. I just tested out TruGrips on my G34 and they provide much more coverage. This is good. I think I might change my G17 to Trugrips now. I still use the TalonGrip Rubberized texture on my carry guns though. The sandpaper style grips are just too rough on my skin.
  14. Carbonfly


    I use the same old unoriginal 5.11 vest. It definitely gets hot during summer days down here in SC. We usually take ours off between stages. The trick is remembering to put it back on before shooting your next stage and not incurring a penalty.
  15. You need to keep your legs behind cover, and you need to shoot to slide-lock before reloading. You only need to shoot to slide-lock if you don't want to reload with retention. Unless the COF says otherwise, you can reload anytime but if there is a round in the chamber (even if you know your mag is empty) you have to retain it. Also if your gun is empty you cannot be out in the open. You must stay behind cover to reload. If you move to the next barricade with an empty gun, it's a penalty. IDPA is fun, but it is designed to put you in pseudo-life situations. While USPSA as you know is a 'game'. Thus IDPA's rules are much more restrictive on gear, technique, etc.
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