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  1. I'd sure hate to be in any environment that was more stressful than some of my match experiences! Sheesh, I've had my 1911 feel about as "familiar" in my hand as ahem, a "stool", on several occasions. I've had my knees knock, when I had my feet shoulder width apart, my only time on television, in a world shoot! I aimed for the left most gong in a 25m set, and hit the next one over! :-) I was WISHING that I'd missed them all! I did this twice in a row, ferchrissakes.
  2. Everybody who is expected to do well and who expects themselves to do well, will experience stress thruout the match. I once tried using a fake name, and the stress was gone, until people at that club starting expecting me to win. I found a secret weapon against this problem, tho, and will one day again be a proven top hand.
  3. Wow, that's a lot of money for what amounts to a taped pep talk.
  4. we are certainly different in our ability to function while under severe stress. :-)
  5. When I turned in sub 18 second times with a single stack on the Cooper assault, nobody could believe it. They were certain that the times had to be 10 seconds off. :-) This was during stopwatch days. We just used 2-3 guys on the wathces, at big matches.
  6. Humans have no instincts, as biologists define the term, at least. Everything is either a reflex or a learned behavior. Point shooters miss the A a lot, under stress, at 5 yds plus, if you don't let them cheat by lining up their bodies on the target, prior to the start signal, and vary the height of the targets, as if on a hill side or a staircase, perhaps?. either that, or they are not faster than the sight using shooters. Under 10ft, tho, realistic fighting distances, point shooting works just fine, to get A zone hits, faster than sighted fire.
  7. .60 second is a bit slow, all right. At that range, anyway. .30 second would be a lot more like it, with .25 second being where you should be aiming. I suppose it varies with target size and distance. Me, I sort of "point" the gun with my body for fast transitions, then "catch" up to the sights with my eyes as things come together, so to speak.
  8. I once got an 8", 5 shot-group at 200 measured yds, firing a 1911 with 185 gr Remington swc match ammo, from a Lee machine rest. :-) A friend went down range, took cover behind a big tree, off to one side, and yelled the necessary corrections at me, until I got the shots into the A zone, then I printed the group. The same gear had just printed a 2.5", 3 shot group at 100 yds. It was an old Army frame, with a NM slide group. 1973.
  9. The position of your hands at the beep make a difference, too, altho not much, maybe .05-.10 second. Many guys' reaction time is .05 second slower than the top men's reactions, too. Many are very fast to the hip point, and then slow to full extention at eye level, with both hands on the gun. .60 second is very fast. I'd have to see it to believe it, with a "surrender" hand-start position, production gear, live ammo, and a 5 draw average, all shots counted, and only hits to count. Sure, now and then, but that is the definition of a "fluke".
  10. One of the early match shooters, Buck toddy, used to do this on the 1.5 seconds stage of the Advanced Military. This was on stopwatch timing, tho, so figure more like 1.70 seconds, on today's electronic timers. Still, for a draw, going prone and an A zone hit, faster than the average cop can even draw and fire a hip point "miss", that's fast. What is required is that you do a leg-split, and a judo break fall (onto your weak side palm and forearm) as you draw, fall forward from a low "squat" sort of position, onto your strongside arm, (as you extend it) and catch a 2 handed grip as you position your legs.
  11. When it's "for real", as a justifiable shooting by a civilian, the range will be very short, inside 10 ft, actually. Normally, just the sight of your gun suffices to run off the attacker, if you have not been so silly as to "corner" him, and hitting just one of a group will suffice to run off the rest. It has always amazed me how everyone just seems to ignore the tremendous difference that using hearing protection makes. Try a repeat of your favority match, using no ear protection, and compare the scores sometime! :-)
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