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  1. Any one ever have a problem with the trigger weight going from 2 lbs to almost 15 sometimes on their open gun? Just had the chamber reamed from 9mm major to 38sc But dont think that would effect the trigger. With out a magazine its like 2lb trigger with loaded mag and under the clock trigger is about 10 lbs and had to set off.
  2. tiger49931

    P320 X5 Thread

    Anyone running 147's thru their X5's yet . they keep good accuracy with heavier or does the X5 like lighter rounds ? Just bought mine today after the link in my 2011 broke i figure imma need a backup gun. I was also wondering about POI shift switching from a red dot to the irons back to dot etc depending IDPA or USPSA production or carry optics.
  3. so question for all the n320 guys what is the SD your getting across a load quantity of say 50 ? same top the CFE guys ?
  4. i love the 147 ibejihead over 3.6 WST and a COAL of 1.135 out of a STI marauder = 133pf all day long or exact same set up with TG at 3.0 grains
  5. i HAVE A DILLON CV-2001 AND I USE WALNUT SHELL BUT AM STARTING TO GET A LOT of dust on the cases etc.. Any ideas on how to stop this ?
  6. If you want the most accuracy out of your barrel you will need to ladder your loads and see what harmonic the barrel likes. Ive had great success with 3.6gr WST at 1.145 147gr flat point blue bullet. 4gr WST 1.10 125gr round nose Blue bullets and 3.0 grains of titegroup 1.145 147gr ibejeheads. The blue bullets didnt seem to like tite group in my gun anyway.
  7. I'm using ibejiheads 147 and 3.6 wst at 1.135 coal and getting 133pf out of my sti marauder. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  8. WST is the powder for me keeps groups tight out to 60 hit steel easy at 100.
  9. ok the gun seems to like the 3.6 grains maybe i need to play with C.O.A.L. ill try shortening it to see what happens. its running 135 or so PF
  10. I broke the barrel link on my marauder and sent it in they said i needed a longer one? so i had STI replace the link now my guns groups seem to have opened up at 25 yards with the load i was using. 3.6gr WST federal primers C.O.A.L. 1.15 Is this the link or just me? can the length of the length effect accuracy at a certain load? Do i need to re ladder my loads to get the best accuracy again?
  11. sig p 320 seems like a good start also ?
  12. Loading the blue bullet 147 for my M&P i found groupings didnt do well when using WST at 3.6gr but the 124 at 4.0 shot one hole at 50' talked to S&W there twist rate is not good for the really heavy 147. so i bought a storm lake barrel and they work pretty well now. but now i shoot the 147 in my marauder and my steel master and they love them.
  13. Talked to sti they said they are going to fix and only needed the barrel? Sounds weird to me that if the link broke because inproper barrel fir then maybe you might want the slide with it? but any way sent the barrel to them today. so it went second day air they will have it on wednesday and return time will be ? lets wait and see
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