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  1. What do you push the bullet hard into the reloading bench with?
  2. What is the longest practical 9mm OAL with a 124gr Precision Delta JHP in a 2011? What techniques or practices contribute to success when loading long 9mm OAL's? From reading here it seems like somewhere between 1.180" and 1.200" is the longest practical with the limiting issues being bullets falling out, bullet setback, or bullet tilt. Freebore shouldn’t be an issue for me since I measured 1.220” with the fired case technique. SV and MBX magazines so i'm good to 1.225"++ there. I’m loading on a 1050 with a Redding dies (could change to a tighter sizing die if recommended) and am planning to remove a little material from the expander in station 2 for more neck tension on jacketed bullets. I do minimal belling and just crimp to remove the bell. I use mixed range brass. I try to make sure all the cases are laying on their side when spraying them with 1 Shot lube to avoid getting much lube inside the cases. I have shot a test batch of 1.200" loads over slightly compressed 3N38 without issue. A little background if anyone cares.. I’m new to open. I am developing a load for a midlength (5” barrel) AKAI V6 2011 with 7 barrel holes. I like the idea of loading as long as practical to keep pressures as low as possible with a gun that is going to take a lot of powder to make major. I started out load development with 3N38 and was unable to make power factor with 8.9gr which was about the most I want to try to stuff in the case because of potential spillage. 8.9gr 3N38 124gr PD JHP 1.190" OAL slightly compressed Win SPP = 1273 fps or 158PF. Planning to try HS-6 next so it will likely not be compressed. I will of course do the thumb pressure test to check for obvious setback issues. I figure if I am successful with 1.190” the extra 0.025” is 1/3 of the way to 38SC length and softness/flatness/goodness. I realize that I would be better served by loading to 1.165” like everybody else and using this time to dry fire instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Thanks, Greg
  3. I like minimalist shoes for gun games. The very thin sole lets you feel the ground well which I like and being lower to the ground might help balance slightly. My assumption is that I can shoot better on the move if I can feel the ground with my foot but that's just a theory. I like Merell Trail gloves or NB Minimus Trail. I have tried Vibram's while hiking and trail running but they allowed sharp rocks on the ground to hurt my feet, accidentally kicking things hurt, I was worried about breaking my little toe kicking things, and they took me a while to put on. I'm sure with continued use my feet would have adapted to the Vibrams but the Merrell trail gloves added just enough under my foot that stepping on rocks wasn't painful. I'm a newb, (barely a B in uspsa) so take my opinions with a grain of salt. Greg
  4. I have a Garret Silent Thunder holster that I got for IDPA and I like it. It is a lot quieter to dry fire with in the living room then Kydex and it seems easier on the guns finish also. I managed to crack two parts of it (probably from being too rough with it) and they have replaced the cracked parts free of charge which I really appreciate. Greg
  5. I was scrounging brass after a USPSA competition in Virginia a few weeks ago and saw the same thing. Every case was split and most had even worse erosion in the "unsupported" area then the middle case in the photo. I had always wondered what would happen if someone reloaded aluminum cases. Greg
  6. The Nikon D7000 is a great camera. The body can be had for under $1000 now. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond7000/ It has been around a while and may be replaced soon. Canon probably has something similar and also great. www.dpreview.com has great reviews and good forum also.
  7. I haven't trimmed anything. It seems like the base pad stops the mag on the front strap as the mag contacts the ejector. I have bent the front right corner of the mag so it slides past the mag catch better on them all. You had to trim the ones for the 9 or 40??
  8. I have Tripps for my 9mm Trojan (from Harrison, not Trojan specific) and love them. They feel well made and solid. The gun has worked perfectly with them and round nose bullets (several thousand rounds). I can't seem to get the gun to feed hollow/flat point bullets from any of the full mags I have tried including Tripp. I also like my Tripp .40 mags for my .40 STI USPSA which seem to feed 9mm's fine into my Trojan when I want more 9mm mags. I did need to tweak the edge of all my Tripp mags to insert easily past the mag catch. Greg
  9. I got a US Cellular SIII a few weeks ago and like it. It seems fast. I like the screen. I think it is the perfect size or me. Great "all day" battery life. I like the replaceable battery and memory card slot. The "GPS" picks up a location within a few seconds which is great. Signal quality is similar and maybe slightly worse then my original Galaxy and not as good as most Motorola phones from what I hear. The build quality seems OK but it does have a slightly cheap feel being light and is a little squeaky when you flex it. I'm only in a 3g area so I can't comment on 4g speed. I like the voice features of android 4.0 compared to 2.3 which I was using and am looking foreword to upgrading to 4.1 when it becomes available from my carrier for an even slicker voice interface.
  10. I use 3.6 gr N320 with a 135gr (actually 136gr) Bear Creek molly bullet. 1.168" OAL, Win SP primer, only remove flare with crimp Chronoed 10 a few days ago at 979 fps (133pf) average and sd < 10 out of my 5" STI Trojan and about the same out of a friends M&P pro. Seems to shoot nice but a little smoky. I'm new so I don't have much to compare it to Greg
  11. Just another data point but I have had good luck with Brian. I got an XL 650 and accessories through Brian a month ago and it was shipped the next day after ordering it in the evening. Greg
  12. All N320, Win small pistol primer, mixed brass, STI 5" single stacks, crimp barely removes bell, borowed chrony. .40 minor 155gr FP Bear Creek moly 4.0 gr N320 1.165oal 845fps. Big speed spread but felt good .40 major 180gr FP Bear Creek moly 4.52gr N320 1.175oal 936fps Barely fits in Tripp .40 cobra mag 9mm minor 135gr Bear Creek Molly rn 3.58gr N320 1.168 OAL 964fps
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