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  1. Cy, et al, I was on the computer before the last note was sung (and that is a stretch) penning a flamagram to ABC/ESPN saying the singing of the National Anthem was only slightly better than Roseanne Barr's version. Everyone should do the same. Larry May
  2. Starting having issues with my STI when I switched from a Recoil Master to a Tungsten Guide Rod. The guide rod with a shok buff positioned the slide stop directly under the slide notch at full recoil. The slide stop was very easy to move and it would engage when you'd least expect it. This must have happened 8-10 times during matches. I bought the detent drill but it would not cut the slide stop (I did not want to anneal it). But it did leave a very slight nick. I then used a 1/8" round nose carbide burr to put the detent in (cut like butter). It is nice to have in function for those stages where you start unloaded but it is not prohibited to have the slide locked back. Larry
  3. Just thougth an image of a CZ SP-01 might help. Julie, you did the right thing. When people get defensive there is usually a reason.
  4. Chuck, The Area 6 setup was good. You had a mix of one and two day schedules. Contact Cindy Noyes. Larry
  5. Rob, Mike, The only negative issue would have to be running multiple stages in bays. Usually one is bad enough but two can be murder. My first score sheet on Saturday was timed at 2:30 and my last was at 8:36. That makes for a very long day with an hour and 15 minute drive back to Buffalo. Rob, Thanks for fixing the scoring issue. I have been close to minor at both the Florida Open and Area 6. To finally have had a healthy PF and still get scored minor was enough to give me a complex. Larry
  6. Great match, weather was too much like GA. Need to limit who has ATV's. We had a Police Explorer run into a car at the Area 6, fortunately no one was hurt. Same goes for the kid riding the ATV. Need to make sure everyone wears their eye protection. With the forward falling steel I was getting hit quite often. When I am RO'ing a stage I always make sure everyone on our stage has their eye protection on, competitors as well as spectators. Larry
  7. Jamie is not kidding he really love brownies. Give him enough he might lose a step or two and not pick up those last couple of shots!! Take care Homey Larry
  8. Just finished my STI (shot last weekend). It measures 1.260 across the grips with Eric's Tru-Grip installed. My Gold Cup is 1.290. Front to back is very close, but is difficult to get a good measurement with disassembly. Larry
  9. I used to have the same problem with my 35 and normal capacity mags. The solution: use a ISMI 170mm spring with 1 coil cut off and a 12-13# ISMI recoil spring and never had another issue. Larry May
  10. I sent my Advantage back to Dawson when I noticed my Koenig dropping from half cock when the trigger was pulled. Dawson stated that was completely normal for the Koenig to do this and returned the pistol. Larry May
  11. Chris, Frankly I believe Roger has been doing a great job as your marketing manager. Personally I think you should double, no triple his yearly compensation. Larry May
  12. Eric, It would be interesting to see how other people chrono'd. I ran my loads two weeks before (new load with .40 Montana Gold 180 gr JHC, could not get any more Star's). The numbers were 943 fps (average for three strings of five) and 6.9 for a standard deviation. At the match the three rounds went 902, 895 and 920. I heard that some others were also getting lowere than expected numbers. I am not trying to pick on the chrono at the match but if I need to correct my chrono equipment it, I need to know about it. Larry
  13. I did not get very mant responses to my last posting regarding interceptor latch problems (ie the latch not dropping down when the bolt is open and keeping the round in the mag tube). I replaced the spring clip with a Brownells 0.025". It took the side to side play out of the latch, but when I would manually cycle the gun with dummy rounds the interceptor latch would stay up on 1 out 5 rounds. I just removed the spring and it was compressed (about 10 deg). I replaced it with a new one and the latch seems to to be much stiffer now. My real question is does anyone know where to get a staking tool besides Brownells?
  14. Yes, it has a Dave's Metal Works easyloader
  15. I have an 15 year old 11-87 that I have converted to a 3-Gun shotgun. It used to be (and still is with a couple of swap outs) my skeet gun. It has about 8-9K rounds thru it (it is on it's third set of rings). The issue I am having with it concerns the interceptor latch. Every so often it will stick/jam against the round in the mag tube and not drop out of the way when the bolt closes. When the gun cycles this leaves you with an open bolt and rounds still in the mag tube. It happened twice at our last 3-gun, 5 to 10 times prior to that. I have new interceptor latch springs and the tool to remove the old staked springs. I know I have to change the spring but I was wodering if anyone has experienced this issue before and what they dis to correct it or if there are "heavy" duty springs out there somewhere.
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