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  1. My JP GMR-13 has never had a factory round shot through it. 9000 rounds with my reloads and no problem.
  2. I would suggest trigger control. Do some dry fire and concentrate on any sight movement.
  3. When I was a Pin shooter, the pin had to be knocked completely off of the table. All of the good shooters were using .45 pistols. I was running a little over 200 power factor.
  4. I my experience, almost every time I give it to the RO.
  5. I clean about every 500 rounds. Running Titegroup, the gun gets very dirty. Several mentions above about oiling. This applies to the bolt. I run wet. @ 5000 rounds I replaced the firing pin but the old one looked good and I kept it for a spare. Also replaced the extractor but it also looked good. Recently replaced the "O-Rings" in the buffer. They were shot.
  6. Check page 5 for J-P Rifles suggestion. https://www.jprifles.com/document_pdfs/JPSM_729.pdf I followed this for my original .223 barrel and got 10,500 rounds out of it before groups seemed to open up. Just got a new J-P barrel and am following the same procedure.
  7. I dry tumble and use One Shot lube and leave it on. I run 2 different TF = 10 mags and 3 shorter mags with + 5 Dawson extensions.
  8. I'm running Precision Delta 124 JHP @ 1.120" in Glock mags with no problems.
  9. I've been shooting local matches for 3 years with a PCC. Almost all starts have been with butt stock on belt, a few low ready and occasionally, if pistols start "Hands on Xs", PCC starts muzzle on X. That's what I would practice.
  10. I have seen competitors using lasers on rare occasions and considering getting one but decided improving my shooting would pay much better results.
  11. I used the Odin AR part and drilled and tapped the original JP mag release.
  12. I switched to the Techwell and it works fine. Best improvement to the GMR-13 was an extended mag release.
  13. I have been shooting USPSA for many years in Open and Limited pistol class. The biggest change for me shooting PCC was thats its scored minor. You get 3 points for a C instead of 4 points. Concentrate on trying to shoot all "A" s. I am not shooting on the move nearly as much as I did with a pistol. I'm a B shooter is all classes.
  14. Punch and hammer works and small engraver tool works as well. Switch to JHP and the problem goes away.
  15. I'm running a JP GMR-13 with their trigger. Without any attempt to lighten the pull, its now about 2-1/4#. I run a Geissele 2 stage in my "PRS" type AR and like it for that purpose. Tried a 2 stage in the same gun when shooting 3 Gun and went back to JP.
  16. I ordered the spring pac and use one of the lighter springs in my GMR-13.
  17. I have a JP GMR-13. Over 8000 rounds and several matches. I've had two malfunctions, 1 primer didn't go bang and somehow a .380 case got through my ammo check.
  18. If doing thousands, Giraud. I use one machine with two different cutters for .223 and.308. It's so quick and easy that I run all of my .233 brass through it whether they need trim or not. Way faster then measuring length.
  19. I used my Open gun for steel as well as USPSA for many years. I used a 95 gr JSP bullet running 117 PF as a steel load.
  20. Using a TF +10 with a Glock 33 mag, I've never had to reload on a normal USPSA stage. The last match I shot was a Monster match and one stage was 62 rounds but no issue reloading during movement. My buddy ws using a MBX 57 round mag which eliminated all reloads except for the stage previously mentioned.
  21. I have used Delrin in the past to make auto racing suspension bushings. No failures. Trying to save 1.7 Oz when a loaded mag is pushing 1# seems like a waste.
  22. That mirrors my experience. GMR-13 with 14.5" barrel. 3.6 gr Titegroup, Precision Delta 124 JHP is a good all around load. I shoot USPSA as well as KD Steel and occasionally Steel Challenge. Previously tried 115 and 147 bullets.
  23. Ruger factory shooters James McGinty and Dave Olhasso just came in 1st and 2nd in PCC out of 124 PCC shooters at the Blue Mountain Classic Steel match.
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