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  1. H322 with 55gr FMJ seemed to work fine for me.
  2. 135 bayou 3.35 TG 1.10 OAL CZ SP01 verified minor PF
  3. MikeSLC

    CZ VZ grip quirk?

    Thanks, I'll check for this.
  4. MikeSLC

    CZ VZ grip quirk?

    On a related note, mine has play (slight rotation) even with the screw cranked tight. Any recommendations?
  5. You can make you own baffle in a few minutes with a beer can. I think there is even a template available online. Super easy.
  6. 3.35 titegroup 1.10 OAL minor PF through CZ
  7. I had a similar problem with the shell plate out of alignment relative to the primer punch. If this is the case, the alignment tool that drops into the powder measure is of little use. Dillon send a different tool that centers the primer punch as well as a new cam block of different design. This solved my issue.
  8. I used the primary arms 1-6x for the first time at a recent match. On the second stage the reticle became canted. I've heard of this happening on top dollar scopes, so I am reserving judgment on quality. However, their customer service has been outstanding. New scope is on the way. TAC30 is another good choice.
  9. In stock at Midsouth this morning. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Good write up, thanks for taking the time. In your conclusion you stated "priming difficulties may remain". However, I think the fundamental question is did the GS swaged cases actually result in more priming difficulties compared to other methods when it came time to load on the 650? In other words, does the difference in primer pocket geometry/diameter have any practical implications?
  11. When I needed one nothing could be found. Good luck.
  12. Might as well add the 1200 trimmer, super swage, and gauge as you'll get them eventually.
  13. Review of options for short reset disconnectors: http://czcustom.com/czshortresetdisconnector.aspx $55+$10 shipping = $65 http://www.cajungunworks.com/short_reset_system_-_srs.html $38+$5 shipping = $43 I ordered the CZC SHRT. I was not aware CGW’s was available. A few notes: Mine required some work. The width of the disconnector was 3.54mm which did not fit my Custom Shadow. The original was 3.47mm. The pin was a PITA to remove. I broke a 1/16 punch. CZC charges $10 shipping despite using a flat rate envelope which costs half that. Sort of physiological, but in the era of “free shipping” this is disagreeable. Before I measured the SA distance was somewhere around 11.5mm. After the SHRT it went to 4.6mm. I measured this in sort of an odd way (tip of the trigger in relation to the guard at rest compared to where it was when hammer falls). Everything seems to be working ok, and I look forward to trying it out this weekend. No change in DA and SA trigger pull weight.
  14. How is the smoke issue using TG with these bullets? If you can, say compared to TG and Lead? Never shot TG and lead. For the bayous there is probably some smoke, but not enough to notice while shooting.
  15. The responses from Alphamikefoxtrot and MarkCO represent the two voices in my head for many decisions. The one you want to hear and the rational.
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