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  1. Henning just keeps coming up with more and more great products good job buddy
  2. I am friends with Henning, i can ask him about dealings with Tangfoglio and see what he says????? yes fixed front sight and narrow serrations, i do not like the wonder finish
  3. so i got my longslide conversion last week, first was wrong caliber, it is wonder finish and i asked for blue, the front sight is a fixed blade (how is a fixed blade a super sight), when i called EAA took them for ever to realize that yes i was supposed get a 9mm not 40 even though my paper work clearly stated 9mm. I was a bit disappointed in the look and the fit on my match elite. i have sent it back any bets on what i get in return?????? my dealings with EAA are disapointing at best. i truly like their guns but not them..
  4. got my conversion kit today the long slide and guess what is in a 40 cal instead of 9mm they sent 9mm mags but a 40 barrel and slide LOL good ole EAA is the front sight supposed to be a non removable one? this one is part of the slide, but the rear is their super sight. and of course i couldnt get them to call me back today before end of day. i swear if the guns were not so good i would say enough
  5. just got call from EAA and my conversions kit will mail tomorrow WOO HOO now i will be able to work on my custom limited
  6. my order is still pending for 9mm long slide conv been since dec. and 3 months ago was told only waiting on mags, now mags are in but not of the slides are in I am so frustrated with EAA and most of the time they cant even find my order
  7. I have had this happen also they seem put out that you dont know your SN I am not sure why they need your SN to begin with. They can be very rude there and is frustrating when you are trying to get answers and they seem to not have time for you.
  8. my option would be the body part one as I am not impressed with them there
  9. I got 4 from midway you can only order 2 per person, what i am wanting to know id if there are ones that are interchangeable as brownells doesn't list the EAA I can get stuff at brownells at wholesale thats why i am wondering
  10. OK i went onto brownells and cant find mags for my 40 or 9 does anyone know which ones are interchangeable??? CZ75?? Midway lists them but Brownells doesn't and i get discount at Brownells
  11. I called the other day to get some questions answered and the guy i talked to was plain RUDE he had no time to talk to me and i ended up telling him that he wasnt' helping me and hung up.. I agree they are great guns but SHIT on customer service Wish Henning carried more stuff.. he lives just down road from me
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