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  1. yeah inside the gun is filthy even after only 100 rounds.
  2. I have started getting a lot of smoke recently. I use ACME 124gr bullets and 3.9gr of SP. Anyone else having the same issue?
  3. Shame. What is going to happen to the Alpha? My understanding is that it was designed and developed by them.
  4. jaep1911

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I have moved from 147s to 124s, and noticed that the latter is more precise. Shoot more and break it in.
  5. Well said and I agree.
  6. I am interested in those new springs. I will wait until they start selling them as spare replacement parts.
  7. I like the BOSS hanger for the holster.
  8. A 13 has been working fine for my 124 load. I’ve settled with it for now.
  9. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    The tungsten GR did one thing for me - muzzle dip. It will go for sale
  10. Yeah, I learned that the hard way during a match The thumb rest reduces the amount of depression on the mag release, so it prevents that disaster as long as the table surface is flat (not convex). No, I did not buy the rest for that reason. It is just a good bi-product
  11. I do have it with the GG kit. It works and I love its adjustability. The over-travel is almost gone and you can eliminate almost 100% of the pre-travel but I leave a little pre-travel. Before you ask, no I have not measured the trigger weight as I do not have any fancy gauge. It feels the same. The trigger is very thin and light but it is solid. It is a great product.
  12. I have been using 1911 springs from Wolff and they have been working fine. I have used the SIG OE springs and not noticed any difference between them.
  13. I got mine and could not stop laughing I may sell them on eBay.
  14. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    yup, I have noticed that too with the Legion during dry fire.. My regular X-five does not do that for some reason. As I pull the trigger very slowly, the slide moves up a bit and when the striker is released, the slide moves back down. With a mag fully loaded with dummies, this disappears because of the tension from the ammo, holding the slide up.
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