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  1. Just got one and shot ~300 rounds with it. I did not see any difference in my split whatsoever. Maybe I am not using it correctly. I read their FAQ section and am lost. Can anyone tell me how the opposable grip thing works and how I am supposed to use it? That said, it is kinda nice to have a positive indexing position for my thumb. It did not work well with my RHT holster. I had to heat it up and grind one section quite a lot. The TR still drags in the holster.
  2. Nice! By the way, how did you guys challenge SIG to get the replacement agreed?? Just told them the problem with the gas hitting the lens through the LCI?
  3. You may want to consider the Keres Dynamics trigger as well. One guy let me try the adjustable Keres trigger on his X-Five and I ordered one right away. It is adjustable for both Pre and Over travel. It was like the Apex trigger that I had on my PPQ Q5.
  4. You mean you moved the barrel from the regular X-Five to Legion's slide? I thought that the barrels are not interchangeable. I will check that out.
  5. I finally shot the Legion UPPER today and confirmed that the LCI notch does leave a stripe of debris on the lens. The difference is significant. After 100 rounds of factory ammo (Blazer Brass). Hope you can see the stripe right above the notch. I applied a piece of tape to the lens to show how much debris there was on the lens. I would remove what is on the lens with a piece of tape after each stage but it will be primarily a back up.
  6. been there done that.
  7. I am not using the Legion slide combo yet but even the Romeo 1 on my GEN 1 slide combo get dirty with carbon dusts and some oil spill after some stages. I just use a target paster to remove them from the glass. Works pretty well.
  8. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    I wonder what the purpose of that change. I now kinda feel stupid that I bought the Legion.
  9. I have noticed that too. It is a lot more difficult to put the guide rod back in due to the length.
  10. Can you guys tell me how to submit the rebate online? thanks
  11. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    same here. A tiny ding is not getting worse and I am concerned about it.
  12. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yes. When I got my Legion, I measured both and they were very similar in weight, so I chose to keep the Legion factory GR in as it is kind of a pain in the neck to turn the take down level with the GG fat GR. in Sorry, I did not write down the numbers...
  13. jaep1911

    P320 X5 Thread

    I agree with m700.
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