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  1. Initial setup was a little intimidating to me. I'm just not that mechanically inclined. But with the DVD that I bought and the instruction manual I eventually got it done. Just take it slow and step by step and you'll get it done. It's a remarkably simple machine once you get it going and realize what it's doing and how it operates. I haven't been handloading very long and I learn something everyday. One thing about is you can call Dillon and they will stay on the phone with you as long as it takes to get you up and running. If something breaks it will be in the mail to you the same day. They
  2. Thanks. Is there ever any lubrication required on the primer punch?
  3. Hey guys, I think my primer problem solved itself. At least I think it has. I loaded a dozen primers in the magazine tube by hand just a little bit ago. Deprimed and primed a dozen pieces of brass without a hitch. Performed perfectly. I've yet to work up the nerve to load a 100 primers since I'm still finding some of the first 100 on the floor. Anyway, I think it had to be something I was doing. If it continues to function correctly I just might consider another 550 for large primer calibers. Thanks for everyone's concern. Now if I could just get some concrete advice on how many grains of Win2
  4. Yeah, my bench is real sturdy. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Thanks Tom. 10-4 on everything you said. I don't know how they get disoriented unless I put them in the wrong way with the pickup tube. Don't think I did that. I'm going to take your advice until I get it smoothed out and just put a few primers in at a time rather than load all 100. I'll call Dillon if I can't get it going. Thanks again.
  6. For all you 550B owners out there I have a question. Is there any way to completely avoid primer problems on the 550B besides just hand priming? Just got my 550 changed over from .45ACP to .38/.357 yesterday which, or course, necessitated changing from a large primer to a small primer. Everything went perfectly except the dreaded primer slide. It's either one thing or another. Either the primer slide doesn't go back far enough to let a primer fall into the cup or some way the darn things get disoriented in the magazine tube and won't drop at all. So, by the way, another question. With 100 prim
  7. Well, I'm pretty sure at some point in the future I'll want to acquire a chrono. Right now I just want to be sure of a safe starting charge with Win231 and a 230gr FMJ regardless of how slow or fast it goes.
  8. Thanks for the useful information.
  9. Wow! ! I'm looking on the Hodgdon website right now and for a 230gr LRN bullett it's saying 4.3 for a starting load and 5.3gr for a maximum for Win231. Got some real confusion going on here. Page 973 of the new Speer #14 manual has 5.6 for a starting load and 6.2 for a maximum on a 230gr TMJ RN bullett. Page 382 of the new Lyman 49th edition gives 5.2gr for a starting load with 5.8 for a maximum on a 230gr TMJ. Also the Lyman Pistol & Revolver Handbook Third Edition gives the same identical data on Page 191. What am I reading wrong? All of this is for Winchester 231 although some of the
  10. You're not hijacking anything. I need to learn probably more than you do. Keep the questions coming.
  11. Thanks. I'll be checking into that.
  12. By the way, can some of you suggest a good chronograph?
  13. I'm getting the idea, guys. Check, check, check, safety, safety, safety. I'm not getting in to this to blow me, my guns or anyone else up. I'm retired, don't have anything but time so if I make a mistake I can't blame anyone but myself. Thanks for the feedback.
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