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  1. The ammo I have had the best results with is Freedom Munitions NEW 147 G. Round nose 9mm, very accurate, soft shooting and no feeding issues. It's worth a try, your mileage may vary. https://www.freedommunitions.com/ammunition/pistol/9mm/9mm-luger-147-gr-rn-new.html
  2. I would stick with the Vepr 12 ...runs out of the box and is one tough gun. I have shooting one for over 2 years, once a week and have had maybe 5 or 6 FTF, other than that extremely reliable and soft shooting. I shot an MKA 1919 before I got the Vepr, no comparison...my 1919 was highly modified to even get it to run. Also, you can't beat the price..under $800.
  3. Yes, much softer shooting the UMC ammo. I got the gun, ran 250 rounds of Federal 115 g. Factory ammo through it and zeroed red dot for a competition. I bought the yellow box of UMC with 250 rounds for the competition and never shot any before the competition in this particular gun, but I had shot it in my other PCC (Mag Tactical 9mm) and it ran great and very soft shooting. Not soft shouldering the gun, but like I said when I switched back to Federal at the competition, all was well.
  4. I just got mine, had the doubling, tripling problem, but here’s the strange thing, it was only happening with factory UMC ammo....switched back to federal and it stopped. I am at a loss on that one, any ideas would be appreciated before I call the factory.
  5. Looks promising, at least the upper & lower are aluminum. Looks like the grip is removable/changeable too.
  6. In my opinion, you are a little light on the Tightgroup....move it up a bit. I really don’t think you will notice much more recoil.
  7. I like the magwell idea. I have an M&P Pro that does double duty as a limited (with the 40 slide with rear sight) and a CO (with the 9mm slide & optic) it is a pain to remove the magwell when I want to shoot CO. It would make my life easier.
  8. The ballistics listed on their chart is for a 4" barrel length...just sayin'
  9. I bought the Primary arms 1-6 with the ACSS reticle....nice scope and the reticle makes fast work acquiring the target distance and drop, really cool feature. Around $230 If I remember correctly.
  10. I think the loading manuals are talking about the standard length ...not loading longer like 1.180.
  11. I use a Harbor Freight Ultrasonic cleaner, I could care less if by brass is super shiny, I just want it to be clean inside & out.
  12. I only load long to fine tune my match loads power factor, don't think it makes a big difference in feeding reliability, at least not in my STI Eagle 5.0 40 S&W.
  13. Burris Fasfire 3 8 moa....old eyes...bigger dot. Failure free for over 2 years.
  14. I would steer clear, based on what I have heard. If you couldn't get a Vepr 12 to run reliably...maybe open shotgun isn't your game.
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