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  1. Swimming hands down is the best for you. It will increase your lung capacity like no other and improve your resting heart rate. Learn any stroke from a Master's swimming course - it really doesn't matter which one, and then hit the pool in the mornings to loosen you up for the rest of the day and for your lifting workouts. There is no real pushing against load with your legs, so it's a great recovery tool too.
  2. Maybe switch guns to one with a better grip/stocks that fit your hand better. 1911's aren't the God gun of grips for everyone. The H&K VP9 has three different panels to fit almost every hand out there. Also, you might want to stipple your guns grips even more, that way there is no slip whatsoever when you are drawing and your hand will be so much more planted on the grip surface.
  3. Honestly, it's probably because 3Gun kinda ... well ... sucks in a lot of ways. You spend your entire Saturday/Sunday shooting four or five stages and 99% of that time, you're waiting around and NOT shooting. Screw that. You have to bring 6, 7, sometimes even EIGHT different types of ammo to the match? The ranges are dirty, dusty, gravel-filled lots and always in remote middles-of-nowhere? The entire shotgun portion of 3Gun is completely gamer-rific with almost no application for self-defense in the real world? Ugh. And to top of it all off, you pay $20 - $50 just for the match fee, and YOU have to work the match to reset and paste targets. WTF? I can see the disdain and the pain in the butt that these matches are giving you, and the best thing for you to do is to definitely take a break and/or never go back. Stick to just pistol matches, 2 Gun matches, or go to a more regulated game where you actually get to shoot rather than sit around all day, like Silhouette or High Power.
  4. Why so hot of a load? I'm using Federal 2.75" shells with #6 at 1225 (3.25 Dram) and they spin the spinners perfectly. Wouldn't you want less recoil?
  5. There needs to be a steel swinger only match. That way no one has to reset targets, paste targets, or set up clays again on the stands. The RSO running the clock counts all the hits. Frangible ammo is supplied and the regulation ammo.
  6. You mean the "world shooting championships" at peacemaker? If they can do it why not more matches?
  7. A division should be created that follows the same pattern as other major sports, like football and basketball, in that each competitor in the division will use the exact same gear provided by the match. For example: 1) Rifle - Bone stock Colt 6920 w/ Aimpoint Micro T-2 2) Shotgun - Bone stock Remington 870 Express Tactical 3) Pistol - Bone stock Glock 19 4) Rifle Magazine - Magpul PMAG M3 5) Pistol Magazine - Stock Glock 19 mag 6) Rifle Ammo - M855 7) Pistol Ammo - M882 8) Shotgun - etc. ... 9) Belt and holsters also standard, etc ... The price for entry into this division will be higher since you are supplied with ammo, but at least you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on your own gear. The playing field will also be leveled since everyone uses the same quality equipment. Round counts, magazine counts and stage design can then be based on this division. And of course, each player would have a starting stage for zeroing their issued rifle, sort of like a classifier stage. Since the cost of the equipment is high for the match director, entrants into this division would be limited to 10 - 20, depending on how well-funded the match has been.
  8. ketanchand


    I'm from Virginia and I'm trying to win 3 Gun Matches. Hopefully, I'll improve to the point where I'll be in the top tier in matches. I'm here to get as much quality info on shooting and competition as I can. I'm kinda new to 3 gun shooting. I've only been active in this community and practical matches for about 7 months now. I've gone from dead last to top ten in the local matches, so hopefully I'll break through the last few walls and really start getting into the fine tuning of my game. My biggest weakness is handgun shooting and that comprises the bulk of my training time. I shoot handgun three times weekly and dry fire two of the other days. Every other weekend will be at least one pistol or 3 gun match. That's almost daily training with pistol, but I feel like I should be better than I am. I'm planning on taking some classes with Todd Green at PistolTraining.com and hopefully with Todd Jarrett if he's available and has classes in my training budget. Both guys seem to be local. I think Todd Jarrett is based out of Richmond. My first match was at AR15/Rockcastle in Kentucky last year, and I've shot at least one match every month since then. I either shoot the TAC2 3 Gun match in Greenville, TN each month, or the Black Creek 3 Gun match, or the Cavalier 3 Gun match each month. The latter two are near Richmond. Things are going well so far and I seem to be climbing up in the ranks each time. If anyone would like to get together for a shoot or just hang out around the Lynchburg, VA, or Washington, DC metro area, send me a message. Thanks for an awesome forum, Mr. Enos!
  9. So can Americans now buy guns in Canada? All we need is a PAL and ATF Form 6 for importing?
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