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  1. Finally got around to working on the Girsan Camo 22". Cut the mag tube to work with a Nordic Components nut for the Super Nova, and the 8.4"tube. Extends about 1/2" past the end of the barrel. Swapped bolt handles out with my 312 Tactical. Mag tube spring was catching on the edge of the magazine, I chamferred it with ball shaped grinder in a drill that proved to be the perfect size. This gun came with a U notch rear sight and fibre optic front sight. It is a quick sight picture. Shot around 100 3 dram loads today with no problems. Going to give it a go in two weeks at our next 3 gun match.
  2. Zombie Wrangler, I have the zenith 22" camo slug gun made by Girsan. I also have a super nova plus 3 extension. It looks like the threads on the tube are longer than the extension nut. I am thinking if I cut farther down the mag tube, maybe take off a thread or two, the extension nut should tighten down without needing to use a spacer. What do you think?
  3. Yep, night and day difference between the two. The M&P is a real shooter.
  4. Thought I would share my experience with two pistols in my recent possession. Saw some half way decent reviews of the ISSC M22 pistol and thought I would try one out. The hope was that it would fit in the sme holster as my Glock 22, would point similarly, and would be a decent training tool for others I instruct who are recoil sensitive. Paid $349.00 and got this.. Felt good in the hand, shot decent. Put 200 rounds through it with two jams. The compensator shot loose, this time and every time I shot it. Was shooting Winchester match solids. Tried the bulk pack Winchester plated hollowpoints with no luck at all. Next day I went trying to find more ammo, finally found some Rem Golden Bullets and CCI Mini Mags. Started getting failure to extract issues. Emailed the importer, told not to use lead bullets. Scrubbed the chamber, but still getting fail to extract. Another email stated that there had been an extractor update, to send in my serial number. I did, and was told that this was from a different, out of business importer, that they would fix the gun, but I would pay shipping and for the parts. Now I'm not happy, I have a brand new pistol that isn't covered by warranty. What if it completely stops working next month? I called the local gunshop where I bought it, told him about the emails. He contacted the distributor who elected to take the gun back and issue a credit. I sent it back. However, this is a fairly high volume gunshop that I am sure can bring reason to the issue. What if itr hadn't been? The gunshop recommended the S&W M&P22, he had one in stock, and it was $10.00 cheaper to boot. Took this gun home. I had a mix of CCI Powerpoints and Winchester bulk pack coated hollowpoints. The S&W ate everything I fed it without a bobble. Sights are regulated a little high, but will work on that. The S&W comes with a 12 round magazine that I could rip through time and time again without incidet. Also fits perfectly in this eagle paddle holster I found on sale for, I think, $13.00. The S&W is a great feeling, great shooting gun. Around 450 rounds down tube now, no problems.
  5. We are having another 3 gun match tomorrow at the Rowan Co. Peace Officers Association. Like the June match we are up to 12 shooters, going to keep it to 20 or under as we can only run one squad at a time. Mostly steel targets and knock down shotgun, this was a real fun match last time. The entry fee is gonna be $15.00. We are slated to do four stages, if the number of shooters is low, we may keep shooting and do 5 or more stages. We are trying to use a lot of steel for pistol to keep re-set times low. There will be a shotgun spinner and rifle steel. Hope to see a couple new faces tomorrow.
  6. My S&W just keeps right on humming along. I mounted a Weaver Nitrex 1.5x5 scope on it and love shooting this thing. I have a bulk box of 22 solids that just rip right through this thing. It also shoots CCI Velocitors very well. We had a local three gun match a couple months ago and I let a friend of mines son use it for the match. He really liked it. Here is is with my match AR
  7. I did not know thast, thanks dirty rod for the info.
  8. I double plug also. With regular muffs plus plugs, I can't hear squat. Get some amplified hearing muffs, I keep mine turned all the way up, can still hear normal conversation, and am protected from the sound of the gunfire.
  9. Ramairthree, which factory 45 round used small primers? Sure it wasn't 45 gap? I just wasn't aware there was a 45 acp that used small primers. If you size, deprime, and prime off of the press, you coul feed primed cases to the powder feeder in station 1, then seat and then run through fcd. You would definately have to do away with the chain on the powder thrower set up like that. When I was loading 45 long colt for cowboy action, we were using a 160gr rnfp, with that little bitty cheaten gamey b@stard load, I had to use a factory crimp die to seat in the crimp groove. Otherwise the cases would bulge at the end and wouldn't run in the rifle well. It wasn't that big a deal to run them on a single stage press to use the lee factory crimp die.
  10. Not sure on the tubes, 45 acp will stick in mine, but 9 and 40 work fine. So, I guess they are small. I know I don't switch on mine. I didn't know about small pistol primer 45, except 45gap. Yeah, if using small pistol, a shellholder swap to your caliber should be all that's needed. If you need to load 45acp, instead of buying what I would guess to be expensive brass, I would buy a completely different shell plate carrier assembly set up for large pistol primers. Then instead of having to take one apart, and replace the different pieces, just unbolt from the ram and swap out. Or buy another press, they are that cheap. Just looked, on sale at midway now for $156. A four station press would be great. However, shooting 40 out of a Glock barrel, I have no problems with the crimp die on the press. If you were worried, you could load your practice ammo through the press and use, then run what you want to use as match ammo through the FCD sepreately. The pro 1000 is a simple, inexpensive press. Some have trouble and never get them to run right. Me and a couple buddies of mine bought ours in the late 90's for cowboy action. Have I never had a jam? Of course not, but I have been happy with the service I have gotten from mine.
  11. I would go with a pro 1000. Prime on the press, small primers are not as problematic as some say. Get rid of the chain on the powder feeder, go with the spring kit. To switch from 9mm to 40 is simply a matter of pulling the shell holder from the top, if you have a spare with your other dies, just drop it in. Case feeder doesn't have to be adjusted between those calibers, just unscrew the powder dispencer, put in the auto disc you want and your loading again. I have a pro 1000 set up just for 9mm/40. I load mostly 40, but do switch to 9 once in awhile. I have a loadmaster also, but don't like or use it very much. If your using the Lee turrent, then you are already somewhat familiar with the pro 1000. I know they get bashed a lot, but I have loaded on mine for more than 10 years. Love the simple, ingenious case feeder. Plus, you already have the dies. Only problem is it is a 3 stage press. The factory crimp die will have to be done seperately.
  12. Series: Justified Sons of anarchy Walking Dead Rescue Me Battlestar Galactica The Job - one season, basicly turned into rescue me Hill Street Blues Mini Series: Band of Brothers Lonesome Dove Chiefs
  13. I use, and like a lee pro 1000. pm me for more info.
  14. I started out this year shooting lim 10 with a Kimber, but have switched to a G22. I was reading in the training section about peoples shooting budgets. Some are budgeting for 35 - 50,000 rounds a year. I thought holy crap, I can't afford that. But I just bought my second case of 2000 40/155 LRN bullets, shot 2000 last month, and I am on target to shoot these up this month and have another 4000 ordered. Hadn't even thought about it, but thats running 24k bullets a year, and I want to add another practice session weekly. So that's looking like 25-30k rounds this year. Just wondering what you guys, who have been doing this longer, are getting out of your Glocks. I read several guys, talking about shooting lead bullets with 100k through theirs. So I know from my cowboy guns, that you almost can't wear out a barrel with lead bullets, but what about the rest. Slide, frame rails etc? What should be replaced as the rounds stack up. Whether needed or not, I have a Lone Wolf barrel for my lead reloads (which has to be sent back to be opened up some, 30 bucks ). Anyone have recommendatios for parts replacement schedule? Any problems with high mileage guns? Mine is a police trade in gun but I probably shot it more last month than it's whole life in a police holster. Who has the highest round counts?
  15. Hi, fairly new to these forums, 3 gun and IPSC, but have been loading 38 specials for cowboy action on a pro 1000 since 1999. Have loaded over 100K rounds on this press. Did warp the shell plate carrier crushing 357 cases. My fault, sent the press back to Lee and they rebuilt it pretty cheap. Since then have acquired another strictly for 45acp, and a third for 9mm/40. A few tricks I've learned along the way, if the shell catches going in the sizing/depriming die, STOP, push the shell all the way in. Learn to get a feel for the cases going in each station. If something doesn't feel right stop and check. Small primers feed much better than large. Shiny primers feed better than dull. I use federal and Winchester, the Federals always feed better. Watch the primer feed, if you get a gap between the primer tray and the trough, tap the primer tray. I shim my press with washers, a little, so it is leaning a little forward (towards me while working the press)to help the primers gravity feed. Trays used for large primers can benefit from having the corners shaved. Small primer trays, I don't worry about. I broke a couple chains along the way, but never had light charges with them. Still, I use springs now. I could never get flake powders like red dot to measure consistently. Some cowboy shooters who insisted on using red dot, taped an aqarium filter motor to the powder measure. I found a different powder. Mine measures tiny grain powders like Tightgroup and Bullseye vary consistently. Anyone else have a favorite powder for the Pro 1000? Be careful how you lube the press. I used CLP on the operating rod and within 100 rounds the little plastic flex gear was slipping. Did that with Balistol also. I called Lee and they suggested using only WD40. No problems with it. Be careful not to get lube in the primer trough. Spraying off with compressed air is also a good idea. The case coalator is wonderful!!! I can't believe how good it works! Dump your cases in from the edge of the case coalator, let them roll down to the center and you will get fewer upside down cases. Just throw them in and you will get upside down cases. I don't lube my cases, but I do clean and polish with a polisher that leaves a slick coating, and those cases run through like a hot knife through butter. Has anyone tried this press set up for .223? I would think that sizing rifle cases would be a little hard on this press. I had a bullet feeder, it worked ok, but it took as long to feed the bullet tubes as just placing them one at a time I thought. When it wore out and broke, I scrapped it. I can easily load 300 rounds per hour on it. I don't hurry anymore like I used to, just try to be smooth and consistent. These presses are very good with small auto cartridges like 40, 45acp and 9mm. Not bad with 38 special, but do need to take more time with 44mag and 45 long colt. I loaded 300 .40 S&W with 155 hard cast lead RN bullets last night with one primer that started in sideways. Stopped, removed the primer and kept on. For $150.00 bucks or so, with dies, these presses are a serious bargain. Things I wish Lee would do... The twisted steel action rod should be made of stainless. The steel bars that separate the top from bottom of the press should also be stainless, or coated with something to prevent rust.
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