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  1. Glad they work for somebody. I have had to alternate another brand of primer when I use them just so they don't go to waste. Only way they don't bind up the system
  2. The ones I have always shot have went bang but my issue is that they don't like my primer system. Always seem to bind up on a Hornady lnl
  3. Well I unload the mag tube when practicing by pushing the lifter in and pressing the bolt release. That is how you are supposed to unload the tube on a jm. I don't know how you racked the bolt and a shell didn't go on the lifter????
  4. I want to know where you work and are there any openings???
  5. A great way to build endurance and work on your shooting skill at the same time. Set up some steel or a target 15-20 yards apart. Choose a distance, shoot and make a hit on the first, run to the other one, repeat. Try to get 5 or 6 in a row. If you miss one, keep running but start the count over. It's a killer and it's great practice for shooting when you are spent.
  6. Thanks for the response even though that news sucks. I had heard it was kind of a sleeper powder. Guess i will have to eventually get some 147's.
  7. Maybe those combinations don't exist.
  8. I picked up a pound of PB and was curious to see what people have been using for loads? Research so far has shown 4.0-4.1 gr? Also WST for same bullet maybe having it at 4.4? All out of a 34. And yes they will be chrono'd.
  9. I bought 5000 of the s&b primers since they were insanely cheap but i found that while they always light off in my gun, my primer tube hates them. Seems like they always get jumbled up and I have to take them out and start over. I've started mixing in 1 or 2 federals in between the s&b's and it has seemed to help.
  10. Not a knock on Salient. Dudes just loveshooting and cracking people up. Look up their youtube channel and prepare yourself. You won't stop laughing
  11. If you are at a major match with big stages you have to spend the time on Thursday and walk through all the stages and spend some real time on each one, taking notes on each one. Many people also video the stage on the phone talking about the stage as they walk through so they can review it later at the hotel. Trying to do this on match days for the first time when your squad gets to the stage would be much more difficult.
  12. I have the luxury of being friends with two 3 gun nation pros in my town. Basically the advice i have received is the first time you look at a stage you walk it and know how many targets you have. You then go back and start to figure out how YOU are going to shoot it. I like the advice Mark gave, trying to copy a pros plan usually can lead to disaster. As you go through the walkthrough some more you start to figure out how you want to engage the targets, where your reloads are, what shooting position you want, etc. your last walkthrough should be at a quick pace. When you are simulating shooting targets on your walkthrough don't just hold your hands up, "see" those two shots hitting the target. The most important part is next, go someplace away from everybody else and run the stage plan YOU designed in your head several times. See those targets you saw yourself shooting in the walkthrough and hit those those reloads asyou run it through in your head. Know it completely. When the buzzer goes off you will run YOUR stage plan efficiently and your times will show it. Hope that helps
  13. Probably get a faster response in the gunsmithing area.
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