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  1. I've already talked wife Into having our daughter's birthday party on Sunday...!!! #wontmissitagain
  2. Do you guys (and gals) feel that the fiber optic front sight detracts from a quick well-aligned sight picture? Even if you have equal amounts of light on both sides?
  3. We've got a good match in the works, folks... 6 stages, with a couple of high round count stages thrown in. Bring 20 slug, 20 buck, and 80 birdshot.
  4. With regards to seeing one's sights after every shot is broken, and thru the sights lifting: Is a fat front sight that fills up the rear notch a better thing, or a skinny front sight that lets a little light around both sides?
  5. JANUARY JAN 19-22: Shot Show, Las Vegas NV FEBRUARY FEB 27-28: 3GN South Eastern Regional Championship @ Universal Shooting Academy in Florida MARCH MAR 19-20: 2015 Missouri 3-Gun Championship, Versailles, MO APRIL APR 1-3: SMM3G 2016 http://www.smm3gun.co APR 2-3 3GN Southern Regional Championship @ Brock's Gap Training Center in Alabama APR 8-11: X-Treme Bullets Texas 3 Gun Championship, X-Treme Bullets Texas 3 Gun Championship Presented by Freedom Munition; Marble Falls, TX APR 15-17 - USPSA MultiGun Nationals - Las Vegas, NV Staff shoot 13-14 April APR 30-May 1: Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge. The Shootout Range in Princeton, LA. Open to women & men. Details soon. MAY MAY 7: MEGA Stage match, Colorado Rifle Club, Byers, CO MAY 14-15: He-Man National 3-Gun Championship - NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM MAY 14-15: 3 Gun Nation Regional @ Copperhead Creek Shooting Club in Texas MAY 14-15: Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge @ Woody's Hunt and Rifle Club, New Hill NC MAY 26-29: 3 Gun Ladies University, NRA Whittington Center, NM MAY 29-31: NRA America’s Rifle Challenge Championship, Presented By Daniel Defense at Peacemaker in Glengary, WV JUNE JUN TBD: Freedom Munitions Multigun Championship JUN 4: Shooters Source Shotgun Challenge, Pike's Peak Gun Club, Colorado Springs, CO JUN 5-7: MGM Ironman (O, L, HO, T), Parma, ID JUN 9-11: MGM Ironman (Tac-Scope), Parma, ID JUN 11 or 12: (You Choose One Day) Mid Atlantic Multigun York, PA http://tinyurl.com/2016MAMGCApp JUN 12: A3G - Salute to Valor Veterans Charity 3-Gun Match, Covington, GA JUN 18-19: 3GN Eastern Regional Championship @ Clinton House, SC JULY JUL 9-10 Southern Colorado 3-Gun Championships, Pike's Peak Gun Club, Colorado Springs, CO (new) JUL 16-17: Armalite Topton 3 man 3 Gun Team Match, Topton PA JUL TBD: War Sport 3-Gun Team Challenge AUGUST AUG 11-14: Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship - NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM AUG 19-21: Brownell’s Pro-Am – Park City, KY (Rockcastle) Register NET 16FEB 9PM EST AUG 25-27: FNH Tactical Shotgun Match (Rockcastle) SEPTEMBER SEP 1-3: FN 3-Gun Championship, Peacemaker National Training Center, Glengary, WV SEP 9-10: Generation III Gun, Lake of the Ozarks, MO SEP 10-11: 3GN Western Regional Championship @ Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park in UT SEP 15-17: NRA World Shooting Championship at Peacemaker in Glengary, WV SEP 25-27 MGM Ironman East Scoped Tactical SEP 29-Oct 1 MGM Ironman East Open, Limited, Trooper, Heavy Optics, and Open (OLHOT) OCTOBER OCT 8-9: 3GN NATIONALS @ Virginia International Raceway in VA (Note Date Change) OCT 13-15: Doublestar Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship, Park City, KY (Rockcastle) OCT 20-22: Trijicon Shooting Challenge @ (Rockcastle) OCT 27-29: Multigun Fall Festival- A Girl & A Gun Park City, KY (Rockcastle) NOVEMBER DECEMBER DEC 1-4 AMU Fort Benning multigun DEC ??: Hard as Hell, St. George, UT Added Ft Benning 3 gun Dec 1-4
  6. Bryan, You know what they say about not tootin' your horn.... jk Nice job! looks tough, and a bunch of fun. Who does all the taping and resetting? that's a bunch of walking!
  7. Thanks to Daniel Horner, the AMU team, and all of the folks on base that worked very hard to put on a stellar match! Everything was well thought out in stage design, the facilities were excellent, and the staff was great also! I look forward to this match next year, and am already planning a return trip! Trey Anyone know where pics will be posted?
  8. Guys I'm going to be at Fort Benning 3 Gun match this weekend, and will have samples to check out...
  9. Ok... The last time I shot it in '06, we had to do our own resetting...
  10. I was referring to assistance with resetting targets mostly... with an 8 person squad, only 5 are available to help paste/reset
  11. Yeah, it was a surprise, but when we went back in to squad, we noticed that the sizes had been reduced from 12 to 8... that got us thinking, that maybe we will be blessed with some 'on the range' assistance...
  12. , Click on it to get the zoomed view and that looks like the correct sketch.Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! Just took another look, and stage 3 has tank drawing
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