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  1. Anyone have the weight difference of KIDD drop in trigger vs factory polymer and KIDD trigger kit?
  2. Well how did the new limited rifle do at the shoot Sunday? I really like your stock reshape and the other components you have installed. Turned out very nice!
  3. That's a nice rifle. I've never pulled the trigger on a 10-22 takedown. I like the idea of interchangeable comb.
  4. Great info and just what the dad needs to make some informed decisions! Thanks! photoracer, I was hoping to hear from you, always like hearing what you did and why you did it. Thanks for the input! Something I should clear up about my opening post concerning the 15-22. I wrote " Hopefully will move to a 10-22 next year" I have let her shoot my 10-22 and her dad has one of my older heavy barreled target 10-22's she uses for accuracy type events. She seems to point them better because the stocks seem to force her to a spot she locks into in a more heads up posture and the triggers are much better (KIDD). Her 15-22 is rock solid, I've only replaced the extractor that broke and clean it for them. That rifle will run anything you feed it and it's accurate. Getting a pound + ? off the rifle would help a bunch and finding a stock that fits her is #1. Thanks to all for the info!
  5. I sent my buddy a link with a photo of a the "Magpull ACS stock". I have seen other shooters use these or something very similar but didn't know who made them. I wonder what the weight difference is between the ACS and CAR ?
  6. Yes that's why she started with the 15-22 last year and the fact it's muddy girl camo pink! last year she had the stock about half way out and this year it's all the way or one notch from the back. I passed the foam and tape suggestion on to my buddy I hope he gives it a try before he buys something!
  7. I think that's a big part of it and that item would be easy to try for very little money. The father is willing to replace the stock if there's a preferred or better option than the factory for a young shooter.
  8. I'm trying to get some info for a friend and his young daughter that I shoot with. The daughter is 11 years old and needs a better stock for her 15-22 rifle. So if you have any suggestions on the best stock for the 15-22 for a young shooter they need some help. That rifles factory stock is holding her back IMHO. She's good but inconsistent check weld is not helping her. Hopefully will move to a 10-22 next year, but for now this is what they have.
  9. Apples and oranges, front sight for the Ruger factory standard barrel (3/8 dovetail x .340 wide at base). What I ended up doing, Williams dovetail riser block .250 wide x .250 tall, tried a Williams .375 tall on top of that (total was .625) just a little short. Will try a .420 next and have a .450 if that doesn't work. Wanted to try the ghost ring system before buying a ultralight barrel dedicated to limited. If it all works out I'll end up with a setup similar to yours.
  10. Your .600 tall is spot on. I called XS Sights and they said the RU-0001-5 set ships with a .600 tall front sight. As close to that as I can find is .570 tall x .340 wide. I'll try that first and if it won't work out I make one from an XS .600 front sight.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I only purchased the rear ghost ring, not the front sight. I want a fiber optic front that's the same height as the front one you have that came as a set. Can you give me a measurement on the one you have top of sight to bottom of dovetail?
  12. I'm headed down this road now but with a factory 10-22 barrel. I have a XS Sights rear ghost ring on the way but need a recommendation for front fiber optic sight height and brands and what would work best a with the factory barrel.
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