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  1. to reduce mine, i just bent the finger on the trigger bar up, to meet the sear earlier.
  2. http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/ "An M&P magwell designed for ESP and fits the IDPA box. Our Aluminum magwell is CNC machined from a solid block of Aluminum and anodized Black, it is very easy to install and requires no modification to your gun. Included with the magwell are installation instructions and all necessary hardware. Requires the use of the Taran Tactical or Taylor Freelance magazine extension or a thicker than stock base pad designed for this magwell such as our ESP basepads. If you have the original version of the Taylor extension that is not angle cut on the sides, please contact us for instructions on modifying your extension to work with this magwell. The factory full size or compact base pads or Arredondo extensions will not work with this magwell. Black anodized Aluminum, 1.0 ounce." This is what's keeping me from buying one.....So, wgj3, you're saying they WILL work with my Arrendondo extensions? Do you have a pic of yours by chance?
  3. I hit the sear with a stone....but only VERY slightly, I suppose I'll try some more work on it. DO you think the hammer itself could possibly be rounded? I haven't touched it.
  4. I'd like to put a magwell on my gun....but I'd also like to keep my arrendondo mag extensions in place.... is there any that work? will the SSS ESP work with any modifications?
  5. so....still an issue. pre/post travel are both present...more than I want there, but I did it to ensure that it is NOT my issue. rack slide, no finger on trigger, let the slide slam forward = hammer goes to half cock rack slide, no finger on trigger, let slide forward easily = hammer stays at full cock dry fire, rack slide, finger remains on trigger = hammer stays at full cock and trigger resets perfectly rack slide, finger BEHIND trigger holding it forward, slam slide = hammer stays at full cock I'm not sure what the deal here is. I haven't gotten a chance to shoot the gun yet, not sure when I will...but with this issue, I'd rather fix it before bothering to bring this gun to the range with me...as I haev a lot of others i'm working on right now. I've sharpened the sear angles, polished everything up, have some pre/post travel.......what else can I try???
  6. hmm...funny you say that, I did have to add some pretravel already to get the hammer to drop with the slide on...maybe I'll try adding a little more. I'll have to look at another return spring, as well. Mine looks to have gotten a little beat up on all the in/out of the installation.
  7. So i got the flat trigger...........manually cocking the gun, trigger felt GREAT....zero take up and over travel...crisp and tight, just awesome. Put on the slide...nada. Hammer cocks, trigger is pulled, hammer stays put. So i took off onto the trigger bar...and got the hammer to drop. Now, the issue...if I cock the gun regularly...everything is fine. If I pull the slide back and let it slam back into battery...the hammer follows to half-cock.... SIGH I never really touched much on the sear, in relation to the hammer....and it looks quite rough for being so smooth of a pull.... should I try to just polish/stone it to a nice finish then work with the angle to get it back 100% or just suck it up and spend MORE money on the EGW parts? I THOUGHT i was done with this gun lol
  8. Upon disassembly last night....my trigger return spring decided that it had had enough of my constant shooting and chose to flee. The spring has aggravated me in the past...and, as far as I'm concerened...i'd rather never see it again! So....is goign to the henning flat trigger worth it? I don't shoot competitively...ever, I just plink at the range with some LRN handloads... The gun shoots WAY better than I'm capable of right now, and i don't want to loose that.
  9. What are you asking for it? I recently let go of my Match and am using a Hunter. There are times when I am shooting lighter loads the Match would be better.

  10. I'd have to look on the factory documentation for the build date...I know it's there, I just don't remember off hand
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