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  1. chrisva

    Firebird MKA 1919

    ten rounds min for the class we'd be in any less just shoot reg tube gun. That shoty looks awesome!! chris
  2. chrisva

    Vortex 1-6

    Thanks for filling in the details!! Hope they get it to market the leupold mk6 is supposed to be out someday but I like the Vortex product. chris
  3. chrisva

    Vortex 1-6

    Is there any info like model #? Cant find any info on Vortex's web site. thanks chris
  4. chrisva

    how many shoot sigs?

    Just wondering how many shoot sigs pistols in production and what mods do you do to them? thanks chris
  5. chrisva

    Limited Airsoft Ghost Ring Sights

    which brand of gun did you use western? thanks chris
  6. chrisva


    there isn't one just long enuff to get the power factor.
  7. chrisva


    What burns my ass the other night I'm out with my wife at the local pizza place sitting there thinking of all the great mistakes of my life. I see a young guy in a wheelchair and some friend all young happy looking like they just came out of an ambercombieadd.I see the dude in the wheelchair and start feeling bad for him and thinking of how luck I am then I see this hot ass chic come in sit on his lap. the sorry that I was feeling for him turns into sorry for myself that not only did I spend half an hour looking for a parking spot but he's gettting some great trim!!! while I turn to see my luv laugh at me.... But if you were injuried in the armed forces you deservise all you can get!! Mod edit; I like the story but this is a family forum... 3quartertime
  8. chrisva

    IMM loads

    I've got an IMM gun too I use 10.8 3n38 with 124 also and get a 168pf. I had signs of flow but changethe firing pin to a long and went away. that same load in my long gun makes a cool 189pf and very flat. chris
  9. chrisva

    Heavy Ar's For 3 Gun?

    Benny, what do to get it to rifle down to 8lb. ?
  10. chrisva

    2005 Shooting Goals

    My Goal "F" being a GM I want to become a HOT CHICK and get a RICH GUY to marry me so I don't have to work anymore :) Being a gm takes effert hot chick not as much just a trip to Sweden.
  11. chrisva


    I think its great whenever I watch shooting of any kind on tv (except bullseye sorry) but why does Cowboy get almost 2 hours on OLN with there own show. When ipsc is lucky if shooting usa gets 20mins of coverage. They feel so good about themselves shooting at a steel wall 15ft away with a bullets so slow paper would stop it. Is it because cowboy does a better job of marketing to the general public inviting people to an event not just a shooting match or is it that uspsa is so bad at it? I've been shooting this game for a couple years and know I'm sure I know nothing about the old days, but I love this game. When I'm at a major matchs and see that the rules(e.g. time for walk thoughs not pasting etc.) don't apply to the gods of the game I think is buts a bad taste in the mouths of new and old alike. I feel that until we get out of this backyard clic club mentality we'll never get that big. C
  12. chrisva


    I'm not really sure what SVI's customer service is like. I own 3 of them but nothing has ever broken.
  13. chrisva


    I've owned and know of a number of sti product that shouldn't have even left the plant. A number of people that I shoot with and see at the range were I work the guns go full auto, and are sent back a couple times come back the same way. Customer service has to be more than just sending a bag of pins for a part that shouldn't have broken in the first place.
  14. I didn't know anyone was looking
  15. chrisva

    Muzzle Flash and 3N38

    Jpro45 I use 3n38 in my super and have 3sv holes and 7 comp holes buts it’s a short gun. I don't really get any flash but I’m compressing the load a bit. Also VV powders know for unburned powder build up in the comp then you get a flash once every few shots. The reason you’re probably not getting the flash with the 125 is your bullet is compressing it a bit more burning it up.