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  1. Sadly this whole rig will be coming up on the classifieds very soon... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Man I need to get me some of that.
  3. Here it is after almost 14 months. LOVE IT!
  4. Its not the the 'matching bolts' they are marketing, its getting a bolt (any bolt) properly headspaced to the barrel. Most barrel manufacturing companies will use a customer supplied bolt and headspace it for you if you want to ship it to them... +1 for Rainer ultra match. Damn nice SS barrel for the $. Try to get a matching head spaced bolt from whose ever barrel you choose. Mine shoots sub MOA with factory ammo easy.
  5. thanks...ill try some different rounds and see what she likes to be fed
  6. Hoping to have mine soon. I feel like I bug Brandon with e-mails pestering, but ordered last April 6th, paid in full at time of order so I could get the extra two month rush...so at the time it was supposed to be 9-11 months. now its been 12 months and 3 weeks I feel like I'm going through gun withdrawl. I sold my other sight tracker to make room for this one at the 9 month mark. Guess I got too cocky. He said it should be done and shipped with the latest production run. Anyone personally know when that is? I feel like a needy child sending emails to Brandon.
  7. I'd like to start by saying I do not reload shotgun...and my gun is a gunsmith modded M2. This may have been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on it. What ammo do you use for matches when it calls for slugs and shot? I know to use rifled slugs because the Benelli has a smooth barrel the the slug needs rifling....but when it called for shot do you use 7 1/2 shot from a walmart value pack? or 6 shot like you'd use hunting pheasant or something? Any help is appreciated.
  8. I thought it was the light hitting it weird in my basement...glad to know its not just me.
  9. The Noveske Gen 2 won't work with a a Surefire mag which makes it a no go in my book for three gun. A flared mag well is of limited value as the reloads we do are very seldom and when we do most of us usually use a coupled mag and there is little benefit to a flared magwell when running a coupled mag and it can be a problem if its flared too much. Pat +1 on the mag choice....I plan on running a pmag with the 18 round Nordic extension instead of a surefire which would obviously work with any lower. And I know a coupled mag works with the Noveske, but surely not the Lancer.
  10. noveske gen 2 or lancer for the specific purpose of a 3-gun rifle only for the flared magwell. Depends on if its for pure function or you want some flash along with it. seekins or mega are best asthetically IMO.
  11. have compass lake contour you a 20 inch kreiger with the bull barrel profile.
  12. My bullet seating die to leaving a little ring at the top of the bullet. I have the dillon .223 dies. I've run into this before but forgot what I did to fix it. Should be a quick fix, I just need to know if I should back out the die and set the seater lower? or what?
  13. I went with a 24 so I could use it for hunting too. Im a decently big guy too and thought even a 21" would be a bit short for me.
  14. OK so I have never bought a brake for 3-gun before, but read a few reviews and picked the surefire mb556k brake. Installing it onto a fresh 3-gun build, I noticed that when you out the spacers in and wrench it so the sides are completely vertical, that the two top holes are not perfectly aligned...thought it may be my eyes, but I measure with a caliper and its like the top ports are not designed to be perfectly aligned with the rest of the brake? I watched a youtube video where the guy was talking about 'timing' your brake and that some brakes need to be canted to the right or left depending on the brake and your shooting hand? Is this true? I have no idea what timing is or how to do it.
  15. THanks for all the info. And Flex, sorry if this is too similar to another post out there. I kind of wanted to announce my puchase more than get holster advice, but thought I would kill two birds with one stone and think I came up with my decision. Thanks a lot fellas.
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