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  1. Does anyone know where I could put my hands on a M3K Freedom? I can’t find one in stock anywhere.
  2. meatsauce

    Which one?

    Production Optics. Which Jimmy - Kimmel or Fallon?
  3. meatsauce

    Which one?

    Jacketed (no experience with coated) Board Games or Card Games?
  4. meatsauce

    Which one?

    Pumpkin Elton John or Billy Joel?
  5. meatsauce

    Which one?

    Nike dog that meows or cat that barks?
  6. meatsauce

    Which one?

    STI Missionary or Cowgirl?
  7. Lonely Street. I don't know who sang that song first? but I remember it from a George Jones album.
  8. I had to cheat and look that one up jabbermurph. Never heard of the band before.
  9. I didn't know that. How about the glock insert with CR Speed pouches? I've been using the sti inserts with the screws tightened way down.
  10. Wow - Ooltewah... I was born in the hospital in Chattanooga but the first house I grew up in was in Ooltewah. Ive never met another person who have even heard of Ooltewah.
  11. No one? Hint - the album is called "Facelift"
  12. Scary's on the wall. Scary's on his way.
  13. Whats funny is I just printed out the guitar tab for that song a couple weeks ago. Its Soundgarden - Drown in You.
  14. That's definitely the B-52's Rock Lobster
  15. Kneelingatlas, What did you use to remove the material?
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