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  1. Sweet shotgun...is the gas system the same as a 391?
  2. I had triangle shooting sports do my lifter, open the feed port, massage the safety and take some material off the bolt. Then, I added carbon arms extension tube for 9+1. Finally, I adjusted the stock to fit me better, and voila...it is a beast for shotgun matches and three gun. Cycles anything I put in, fast to load, and the single extension tube should cure the slug accuracy (we'll find out this weekend).
  3. I shot a round of sporting clays today with my VM Tactical shooting a mix of shells. Ran flawless. My Beretta shoots a little softer, but it don't hold 10! Very happy with this Remmy!
  4. First question: What factory brands and bullet weights are reliable for practice and general USPSA shooting events in 9mm Shadows? I currently use 124gr Federal white box, but will eventually run out and can buy other brands at 115gr weights locally, such as Remington. Pickins are slim! Question two: For a Steel Match, am I better off shooting 124gr or 147gr? 124 gr is 1120 fps/345 ft lbs 147gr is 1000fps/301 ft lbs Thanks in advance!
  5. I just put a safari land 5 round sock on my versamax for backup . Fits well. Will let u know if it works well in an upcoming match. My belt holds 24, btw, so the sock brings me to 29 shells.
  6. Great, thank u both for clarifying. So marks tube will be 9+1 correct?
  7. Silly question, but the smaller tube would be 9+1 or same as stock 8+1. Looking at Uspsa rules for tactical and want to make sure I'm not gonna be over the ammo capacity restriction....tks
  8. Ordered JP 15 with some minor mods Nov 15, received early Feb.
  9. Well, the Bushnell works and I am happy with it so far. This is my first time out with my new rifle. Had help from a RO to dial the dot in, he gave me some pointers, then shot 20 rounds of PMC 55gr at 50yds. Will see how it holds up at my first shoot in March, where I hope to also see what other people are using at my local range. Thanks to everyone who chimed in...
  10. Looking forward to your pics. I too had a great experience with TSS.
  11. I like this idea...I just can't figure it out without some experience. Looks like i will start with the dot. Thanks!
  12. Luck is with me. This is back on the table. Pris? Aim point? Or 1-4x?
  13. Thanks fellas. I am sure we are all in for a rough ride. I am crossing ,my fingers for the best for everyone...
  14. Well, my need for my first Optic has crashed and burned. Thank you for your support and answers. Hopefully there is another alternative, but I believe NYS Law just crushed my JP-15 on order for months now...a sad day.
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