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  1. IDescribe - No harm no foul. I always do my own research and testing, not just trust the internet gospel. I was thinking about moving up to the 135's from BBI, but have never loaded any bullets with a cannelure. Not sure If there is something I don't know involved. Is there an advantage to the 135's over the 125's or is it a preference thing? For example, I have always preferred 124's over 115's. I have loaded and shot 147's in the past, but my CZ's always seemed to like my 124 loads better. Thanks, Matt . Thanks, Matt
  2. I'm looking for experiences and opinions on this combination. 124g Precision Delta RN and WSF has been my chosen combination for years. I have had no issues with this load ever, but I recently found a supplier within an hour drive for BBI. This would allow me to pick up orders in person and pay cash (just a personal preference) and my mailman would also appreciate it. I do not shoot competition, but do enjoy informal group outings that involve USPSA type contests. These will be shot from the following: CZ SP 01 CZ PCR CZ P07 CZ P09 CZ 75BD I would like to stay with W
  3. I feel like I hit the lottery. 16# of 231 and 8# WSF. $129 a bottle.
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