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  1. Those are pretty good pull rates! Given the feedback of others saying it’s a steady pull and not spongy; this sounds like something I will try.
  2. That looks really good! Did you tri-top the slide or is that just the lighting?
  3. Tell him to pick up or borrow a regular Tac Sport non-orange mag and see if he has the same issue. I only shoot Freedom Munitions 115, 124, and 147 grains. Never had any magazine issues out of my non-orange TS with their ammo. No issues with both the stock springs/followers or the CZ Customs springs/followers/extended base pads.
  4. It's actually a good sign for us commoners. Once their shooters have them they will start trickling down to distributors. I'm right with you my friend, can't wait to get one!
  5. They make sure their team shooters are sporting the latest and greatest.
  6. Just received an email notification that Kentucky Gun Co has 9mm TSOs in stock $1569.
  7. Talked to CZ-USA today about a web store order and asked when the general public should start seeing the Shadow 2; late March is what I was told. He said some will likely be out before then but not in large numbers.
  8. That was my guess, just wanted to confirm, thanks!
  9. There is one on GB with a starting price of $2999 and buy now of $3199. Pretty outrageous...
  10. I have ended up with an extra complete 9mm Tac Sport slide and since I have an addiction to tinkering with my CZs, I want to put it on an SP-01 frame. This more of a question for Stuart and Atlas, but if anyone else has done this, please chime in. What are the necessary modifications to make this happen? I have converted the SP-01 to SAO. I know there is a mod needed to the slide but have been unable to locate the specifics. I have lots of tools at my disposal and am pretty competent and confident in my smithing ability. Thanks for any and all insight!
  11. Lol, I don't know if they are that finicky!
  12. Have you tried different magazines? Not trying to be that guy, just asking. Is there any evidence of pressure on the trigger bar from the mag?
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