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  1. I have a ton of bulk WWB 115 ammo.It shoots great out of the STI DVC Limited and Edge I have been able to try.I was looking at a CK Thunder 9mm in 5.5" and was wondering if anybody had any good or bad input.
  2. I picked up a sub 1,000 round used Edge with 5 mags and a DVC stippled grip.Running like a top on 115gr.
  3. I'm looking to shoot just fun shoot stuff.I don't reload.I have many 1,000s of 9mm WWB 115gr factory and the like.I see you can get Edges around $2k everywhere and a Brazos tuned hard chromed one for $2,500.Is that as good as anything out there in the right hands or would there be benefits in a $4000 wondergun I'm not seeing ?
  4. I skipped ahead and didn't read but my coach always told me that nobody would trash talk unless they felt inferior to you and needed to get an edge.Since he told me that,every time I hear it my way I look upon them as weak.
  5. If you are just looking for a general load,8s are fine for all except long sporting clays shots and long yardage trap. At skeet in the 12 and 20 I bet most average shooters could not tell the difference between 8s and 9s.If you are on the target right 9s in a 410 will even break a real nice second target at station 4 doubles.
  6. I flew back to 24 and then everything got tougher.You don't get away with anything sloppy from the back fence.
  7. Hockey was awesome right up until my back surgery.
  8. us820

    Inspirational Posters

    I sat down at a table of about 10 people a few weeks ago and everyone except me was buried in their stupid phones.Comical.And yes they were sub-20 kids.
  9. us820

    New to Clays

    If you are just messing around club shooting, just about anything will work.When you get into competition and have a few malfunctions when one bird makes or breaks your weekend,you will be into a quality O/U.
  10. Did not know until the rant.Never heard any gun stuff in her material ever.I guess it's not a problem until it affects your opening weekend box office gross.
  11. Looks like she's going all anti gun.No thanks Amy.
  12. us820

    Need ear pro advice

    I buy foamies at 33NRR.Seem as good as fitted sets I have bought.I wear them and muffs for pistols.
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