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  1. I had a firing pin issue that cost me a whole season +, I took it to smiths, sent it to the factory, in the end it was a sharp old buddy of mine that figured it out. Not the same failure but the fix for me after that, because I couldn't trust the gun was I went out and bought the most it reliable gun that was just out of my price range and it has never failed me, the other gun works well now but I will never compete with it now. My GF competes with it and loves it. Point being I was so afraid off that repeatedly failure that I would never have kept shooting if I hadn't changed guns mental is the hardest part of the game, do whatever you have to, to stay in the game!! CASPIAN:-)
  2. Thanks for all the input I really appreciate it. As far as starting in open, I'm cross dominate and ran into a smoking deal on what I believe is Nowlin built on a Caspian frame and slide so I couldn't pass it up and the red dot is a whole lot easier to find than irons. I've been shooting and competing my whole life I want to go to the class simply for the proceduralls. I emailed the person in charge of this class and they said we should be able to work something out. I did find some over the counter ammo and was thinking about modifying a old leather holster for the day, I'm not sure how the retention will be but I'll probably try it out. I'm glad to see that USPSA folks are on average just like most other shooters, being willing to help out the new guy.
  3. I'm going to sign up for a beginners USPSA class this weekend, but I'm not sure how welcome I'll be. I just bought a open gun and am ready to start competing but the gun only came with four mags so I just orderd mag pouches and a speed holster and some major ammo. I hope that they'll let me participate in this class as the next one will be next year and I am going to shoot as many matches as I can find this year regardless of this class. is there any helpful advice anyone out there would share with me I really don't want to miss out on this oppurtunity.
  4. Thanks guys I'll just get some and see how it runs.I have four 21 rnd mags but I'd like to change to 170mm where wood I find them for Caspian. Will I need to adjust mags for super comp?
  5. I thought that I would have to build a short block to afford to get into it, but I found what i believe is a nowlin built with Caspian frame and slide at a local show. It was truly a diamond in a coal mine. Finaly after years of shows I found something very cool.
  6. Im new to open and 38 super, I've been wondering can I shoot 38 super comp out of my 38 super with out much trouble and if so who makes good ammo for major? Oh and where's a reliable source for 170mm Caspian mags?
  7. Hello, New here im from Victor but work in Libby. Just bought a open gun and am looking for advice on the gun, game & local resources. I would appreciate any input.
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