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  1. Also from TruGlo: (and no I don't work for them, just saw this sight when I was checking out their TFO sights) http://www.truglo.com/content/products/fir.../sure_sight.asp "SURE SIGHT Patented design. CNC machined steel construction. Same advantages of a notch and post sight. Triangular shape obscures less of the target. Easy alignment while eyes are focused on target. Fits standard holsters. Snag resistant design. Innovative sighting concept from TRUGLO! Superior shot tracking when engaging multiple targets, even when the shooter’s eyes are focused on the target." I purchased an SVI limited from JP Enterprises with the JP Doublring sights already on the gun. Of course, I couldn't get used to them. Changed to standard Dawson fiber optics. I suspect the TruGlo SureSight will not be wildly popular and be relegated to a mere novelty. But I love seeing all the innovative sight ideas...and their attempt to build a better mousetrap.
  2. Has anyone seen or used these sights. Similar to the popular Dawson fiber optic but also has Tritium for night shooting. Here's the stats from Truglo website: Truglo site "TRITIUM FIBER OPTIC The ultimate handgun sight. Uses our patented T.F.O. technology. Unbelievable transition through all light conditions. Glows in the dark. Uses the best tritium available. CNC machined steel construction. Green front and rear. Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target. Fits standard holsters. Snag resistant design." I'm not really sure if these sights are applicable/beneficial in USPSA but it's an interesting product. Can you just use TruGlo's TFO inserts in place of Dawson's fiber optic insert? Of course, their is no TruGlo sight mount for SVI/STI.
  3. jimW

    Eotech sight...

    Chandlersniper: mounting question- The Eotech 551 sight is taken apart but then how does he mount it the handgun? Is it he using a weaver mount or is tapping holes? Are they using it for USPSA type shooting? Good results? Thanks
  4. jimW

    Eotech sight...

    Is the "1-Minute dot with a 65 minute circle" too small for practical use? From what I've read, the only mounting option for "handguns" is with Weaver mounts. How come there are not better/more mounting options? I hesitated using the Holosight in the past because of they were so big. Now there's the new smaller model. Older review of Holosight vs CMore: http://www.gun-tests.com/performance/aug97sights.html
  5. How come no one uses the Eotech on their open guns? The only person I've noticed is Jerry Barnhart. But he has what looks like the older model which is bigger. I noticed that Eotech has a new smaller version which is supposed to be 2 times the battery life of previous models. The reason I ask is because the Military and Special Ops have ordered tons of these Eotechs. They must know something! Also, I have read that the Eotech holographic image is quicker to pick up then red dots. Eotech review Eotech home anotherLink Jerry Barnhart's open gun: BTW- how do you mount the Eotech on an SVI/STI? Jerry's mount involves the older bigger model. And it looks like it's discontinued.
  6. BTW- this is a pic of my SVI Infinity .40 S&W for reference. Does anyone use their competition gun for home protection? Therefore wouldn't a Lasermax or CTC product be useful for most home defense settings ie- ie at night. BTW- This SVI is my only gun.
  7. I know blasphemy! But I keep reading articles in Combat Handgun and other magazines about the positive attributes of laser projected sights and just want to try one out without having to purchase a Sig or some another 1911; to use either a Lasermax or Crimson Trace. I know you can't use this for USPSA but I just wanna EXPLORE and experiment with laser projection sights. I already have a Docter sight and love it. The Lasermax or Crimson Trace would not be used together with my Docter. So the question is, Can I use a Lasermax or Crimson Trace Lasergrips with my standard, non-compensated SVI Infinity .40 caliber? New Crimson Trace LG-401 for 1911 http://www.crimsontrace.com/401new/ http://www.lasersightsusa.com/newmodels.html Actually, I read that Crimson Trace's will not work with Double stacks... unless someone knows of a modification. What about the Lasermax in my Infinity?
  8. I've had the Beamhit 700 target with the internal laser for about 6 months now. I also purchased a Western Arms SV airsoft gun. I played around with the airsoft for a while but put it aside because the plastic bullets were just not accurate enough. You never get a straight projectile because the bullets are not heavy enough and gas not strong enough. However, I am still using my Beamhit with internal laser module inside my SVI Inifinty limited. I love the laser pulse you get when you pull the trigger. The laser pulse is ALWAYS straight and accurate, IMO. Great for first shot, trigger control, and holster drawing drills! The faults with my Beamhit setup is you have to re-cock the hammer each time. Thus forget multiple shots. And no felt recoil. I saw that Beamhit has this Blazer system for law enforcement and military. I'm not in the military but have some friends in law enforcement. Does anyone know the cost? Looks extremely useful for home dry-firing...But it does look expensive though. From Beamhit website: http://www.beamhit.com/military/index.htm BEAMHIT™ BLAZER® "The ultimate in weapon function replication. The BLAZER is a series of blank firing training barrels, or upper receiver groups, that replace that of the actual weapon. The resulting training replicator maintains the actual trigger and butt stocks, precisely replicates the sights, grips, and other weapon system components replaced, and fires special zero pollution theatrical blank cartridges that are cleared for indoor use without hearing protection. Each BLAZER barrel is totally blocked, cannot chamber a live round or service blank and fits any of the BEAMHIT™ lasers. The system delivers extremely realistic training, providing the felt recoil, sound, and smell of the actual. Spent cartridges are ejected, tactical magazine reloading can be practiced, and weapons can be fired in full auto to develop burst fire skills."
  9. I have the Peltor Alert. It has a NRR 25db. Paid $165. Also it has a built in AM/FM radio. I LOVE this feature. I can listen to the radio while at the range or matches. But I use it only as low volume background music so I can clearly hear friends or RO's talking. The AM/FM is good when your practicing alone to prevent boredom. Between stages, it keeps me relaxed and thinking LESS before my turn to shoot. And I don't use the radio when I'm actually shooting a stage. http://www.websoft-solutions.net/SearchResults.asp?Cat=210
  10. jimW

    Limcat Phantera...

    caspian28r: Do you know how he got burned? What was actually wrong? I was planning to generate a bill of sale with a clause with something to the effect- Gun is guaranteed to be in working condition consistent with a gun which has approx. 1200 rounds fired through it.... I'm really not sure what to put in the clause. Seller would have to agree to this clause before I bought it. And I'm not expecting a new gun. Of course, I could still get still burned somehow even with a clause. I spoke to seller on the phone. He sounded very genuine and was pleasant to speak with, FWIW. Thanks for the replies. It's definitetly making me think twice. In addition, I hear Open guns can be extremely tempermental beasts. I've never owned one, so wouldn't know. Warpspeed: good idea with local gunsmith. Will look into it.
  11. I've been looking at a Limcat Phantera for sale. It's used with 1200 rounds thru it. Seller would like $2000 for it, nothing less. More info: Limcat 38 supercomp phantera. accurailed, blue SV painted grip, aftec extractor, black cmore, dawson magwell, hard chromed. comes with one Dawson tuned STI mag. I can't fire or handle it because seller lives in another state. Here's some pics: What do you guys think, is it a good deal? Seems like a good deal to me. I'm still deciding. I'm not sure if I'm ready to enter the dark side ie- get into Open guns. Still in limited now. Do you quickly get used to the harshness and loudness of the compensater's "flash, fireball"? So $2000 for this used Phantera or spending $300-500 more for a NEW open gun from Shooters Connection or some other places?
  12. I found this on Ebay : Docter with adapter mount for $324. He's got 20 available so it's good if you're having a hard time finding one. Not the best prices but OK. BTW- I don't know the seller so... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3675543941&rd=1
  13. Great discussion on mounting Docs: These are airsoft guys discussing it, but similar principles apply. http://www.clgunclub.com/tips/upload/20020517.htm "DocterSight Target acquisition by optics is definitely a huge competitive advantage, especially in airsoft shooting events like IPSC, IDPA, or Steel Challenge that requires both speed and accuracy. In search of the latest technology of pistol optics, you may have already known about the Docter Reflex Red Dot sight, a successor to the popular, but problematic Tasco Optima. The Docter is more durable and can better withstand recoil due to its strong metal frame. Its new design of screw sets also eliminates the risk of "shock loose" incurred by recoil, as seen in the Optima. Furthermore, the quality glass lens with special formulated Docter coating can prevent scratches and abrades while increasing red dot visibility. Nonetheless, while reading various online forum such as in AirsoftOhio.com, I learned that many of you had asked about what else this small, lightweight Docter sight will help in BB IPSC shooting, and well as the concerns of mounting and MOA selections. In this article I will be addressing these concerns, as well as sharing some of my experiences in using these new breed of sights. First of all, in regards to visibility prominent brightness of red dot is very important in outdoor daytime shooting. Though the visibility differential has little effect in the indoor shooting ranges with moderate lighting, I did had an experience that I could not find my Optima's red dot in a BB IPSC match under bright sunshine. Other C-More shooters were able to achieve higher score and beat those who used Optima. I am certain that if the DocterSight was used instead, I would be able to pick up the dot. Secondly, mounting has always been a concern for many shooters. For example, as found under various online forums, I absolutely agree with DumboRAT (a well respected gas gun guru in USA)'s comment that "melt-into" optics is ideal for IPSC as it allows co-sighting of the slide for faster dot and sight-picture acquisition (skip the mounting issue which I will go through afterward). Over 50% of the shooters in HK joined both Modified Class (without optics) and Open class in the same BB IPSC match. They usually prepare 2 separate GBB pistols for each class, one has optics and the other does not. In such case, they would find melted-in Docter sights extremely helpful because they can maintain the same eye level in both class - where the eye level for target acquisition through DocterSight (in Open Class) is equal to the level of their Modified Class gun's iron sights. The shooter can thus simply maintain the same posture and the same eye level whether he or she was using the DocterSight or slide iron sights. There is also no need to adjust arm position every time in different classes in order to acquire the target. This is particularly important in training and practicing because you do not need to distinguish the different sight heights and can easily pick up a single arm position for fast aiming no matter your pistol is Open or Limited Class. Conversely, tubular red dot sight such as C-More does not have such advantage. Since it is held by a scope mount where the red dot is always an inch higher that the slide sight, you have to lower your arm position to make the sight-picture reach your eye level. Therefore your speed will be affected as you may require more time to place the red dot to the target. Also, unlike the real steels, tubular red dot sight is too heavy to attach on GBB pistol. The weight from the tubular sight itself and the scope mount may be adverse to the weight balance of the gun if it is not atop the correct position. This can lead to lost in accuracy when double tapping, as well as becoming an obstacle in single-hand or weak-hand shooting requirements during BB IPSC match. Now, come to the Docter sight mounting issue. Thanks to DumboRAT, he had made a very good explanation on why this kind of optics cannot be "melted into" the slide just like what the real steel can do. Let me cite what he said: "looking at the WA GBB's rear blowback assembly, you'll quickly see that such "melts" will NOT be possible -- first as the rear blowback assembly is directly under that area, and requires the security of the mounting screws on the slide, atop its own assembly, for proper mounting, as well as the fact that there just is NOT sufficient vertical "space" to melt in the FirePoint, DocterSight, or the Optima." I want to reinforce my view that putting DocterSight atop the slide of GBB pistol is still the best and fastest way for target acquisition. However, the existing real steel BoMar-cut mount cannot be used in gas pistol due to differences in measurement, and most importantly the lack of 2 screws to lock the floating nozzle in gas pistol. Examining WA design BoMar sight, you will find 2 screws under the cover where they deadlock the floating nozzle. Some other mounting methods seem viable such as WA Glock using under-barrel accessory attachment point as their main mounting points. But once you consider the fitment of holsters (or the lack thereof), you will find this kind of mounting infeasible. Therefore, going to an experience gunsmith for either a fixed-mount or off-slide mount-rail of your optics is inevitable in the meantime unless you only concentrate on Limited Class. Next lets consider the choice of MOA, as DocterSight has 2 models available - 3.5MOA & 7MOA. Generally speaking, larger dot (MOA) is easier to pick up and is suitable for fast, close range target acquisition. Smaller MOA will provide additional accuracy for long-range shots, albeit sometimes in the expense of speed. Nonetheless, in BB IPSC match, because the paper or steel targets are usually at a distance of only 4-7 meters from the shooting area, optics with different MOA does not make a great distinction in target acquisition. But for beginners a big MOA is still preferred because it is easier to catch the red dot. The less strain you put on your eyes (i.e. large, easy to catch red dot) the higher possibility of an accurate hit. However, the smaller MOA does have its advantages, especially after you've got used to it. For example, in some complex course designs, the target may tuck behind a "no-shoot" or barrier, leaving you a small head-box to hit. In such case, big MOA will not work well because your intended point of impact may be totally obscured by the red dot. This in turns slow down your speed as well as impairing your accuracy, causing you to miss the target. Moreover, in a big field course, it is usually not necessary to shoot the targets in sequence. A skillful shooter may find additional shooting location for the same target as it could be seen from more than one port. In order to speed up the shooting time, he may choose to engage a visible target before he moves into the closer, "standard" shooting zone. In these situations, the shooter's engagement distance could be up to 10 meters and a small MOA will help him a lot because it allows precision shooting at longer distances. It has been my experience about how to "game" and win a course. Finally, if you have any comment on optics or optics mounting, please feel free to leave your message in our BBS so we could have some further discussions." (Wrote by CL and thanks for Wallace's proof-reading)
  14. Some pics of Docs mounted: cheapest price I've seen on the web= $245 http://www.tacticalshop.com/index.asp?Page...PROD&ProdID=323 this looks like a Docter with the adapter mount ie- rides higher:
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