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  1. Love the Coen brothers films as far as dialogue. Pete, it's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart. Oh Brother Where Art Thou has to be one of my favorites. That's a movie I have watched many times. Every time I seem to pick up a new line that's makes me laugh or stop and think.
  2. Thank you. I will give them a call.
  3. Does anyone have any leads on a 24" for sale? Been looking and just wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction.
  4. Love the show but watching Claire Danes cry all the time makes me want to punch a baby!!!!
  5. I had to laugh at one of the behind the counter guys the other day. Customer looking at the Versa Max tactical. Salesman tells him that the versa max was no good for shooting in cold weather. He's says most guys buy that shotgun for 3 Gun and they only shoot 3 Gun in warm weather. Just had to shake the head and laugh.
  6. I tried listening to White Zombie Thunder Kiss 65 it got me DQ'd. I got so amped up when the buzzer went off I ran up and just punched and round house kicked the targets.
  7. Not a movie but an old Farside comic. Two bears standing over a rifle. "Thunderstick?... You actually said, "Thunderstick?"... That, my friend, is a Winchester 30.06."
  8. I'm a newbie at shooting sports (all 3 gun so far) but I love that nervous feeling you get. Makes me feel alive. Post 40 there really aren't many sports that can give me the same feeling as when that buzzer goes off! I'm sure over time I will won't to find ways to calm it down to post better times but right now I love that feeling and having a great time. For me thats what it is all about (for now).
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