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  1. Pro Shot Products part # GC12. I picked mine up from Amazon for 14.99. Just do a google search for one you may be able to find it cheaper. Pro Shot Products has them on their website for 15.39 says it's for the Rem 1100, Win Super X, and Beretta but works just fine on my JM Pro.
  2. After I watched the video Jerry made on cleaning his JM Pro I bought a Pro Shot gas cylinder brush to clean that out. I used it just like he did on the video. It works like a charm.
  3. I took mine out for the first time yesterday. I ran about 100 shells thru it with no problems at all. First impression was less recoil than my JM so a little bit of a learning curve for me. I found myself wanting to drive into the gun more anticipating the recoil. Missed a few static clays on fast strings low left. It took me a little bit to work that out but man this shotgun shoots soft. My load 2 method was also an adjustment from my JM. I had to adjust the angle to a more of flat angle with the VM. The more I practiced the easier loading got.
  4. Picked mine up last week and just spent the majority of the day doing some mods. Right out of the box mine was a PITA to load even one shell. I took some material off the lifter and polished it to a mirror shine. That helped a little but the major problem for me was the shell latch. I filed down the end of the latch just a touch and loading was easier but not quite right. I then put a little radius in the latch and it loads much smoother. I also cut the hand guard but may have to take more off to make quad loading easier. Now with the mods that I did today it still seems my JM Pro loads much easier. So this question is to the guys that opened up the port where the magazine meets the receiver. The two hump like things at the 3 o'clock and 10 o'clock position. How much did this mod help with loading? Looking down into the loading port I can see where the shells has rubbed the finish off of the receiver on the right hand side right at this point. Could smoothing that out and polishing it up just a little make loading easier? Risk vs Reward worth it??????
  5. Does modifying the lifter, shell release, etc. void the factory warranty? I have one of these on the way. My concern would be future problems that may come up that would need warranty repair. Is this a risk you just take????
  6. SteveA I sent you a PM. I spoke with Mossberg customer service today and they are shipping me 3 clips free of charge. Just PM me your info and I will send one to you. I do plan on picking up a couple extra once I get my hands on the clip and measure it. Thanks for the link Ming. Hail Ming!! Aaron
  7. Does anyone know of a quick fix replacement clip without going through Mossberg? Or by chance does anyone have an extra one they would part with?
  8. He was checking all shotguns and discover the guy had 4 shells in it. I'm not sure what happened to the guy they walked over to the wardens vehicle and I went on about my business.
  9. Currently: Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Fargo. Old Series: Soprano's, East Bound and Down, Deadwood, Breaking Bad. Mini Series: Band of Brothers and The Pacific.
  10. Steve you are 100% correct. I was dove hunting in Richmond, KY and watched a guy get busted for ghost loading.
  11. Anyone the brand or where I could pick up the cylinder cleaning brush that Jerry is using?
  12. Anyone use the Taran Tactical lifter on the Versa Max? I was looking at them on the website and it says they will work with the Versa Max. I just wonder if that would fix that tight fit on the Competition model?
  13. +1. Picked up a 2.8 from Kevin and have been practicing the quad load. Ran it a couple of times just doing the load 2 in matches. I'm now ready to sell the Chameleon Load two belt and pick up a couple more 2.8's and go quad load.
  14. Is everyone having to file the lifter? Handled one of these yesterday and was shocked at how difficult it was to load.
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