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  1. Just looked at mine. It says Infinity safety magazine on the side. Maybe they don't make them anymore.
  2. I use Bennie Cooley's CRTC training magazines. They don't stick in either my Single Stack or my STI (before I sold it & went to just SS). They're about $20 a piece.http://benniecooley.com
  3. +1 for Steve's book. Have you tried incorporating movement into your drills? Try stepping into a position while drawing, re-loading, etc. Can simulate having to adjust your angle for a port or getting to cover.
  4. Springfield XDS. I had a little trouble with slide bite but I think that is because I use a fairly high grip on pistols. Other then that, reliable, easily concealed. I use the 7 rd mags and plan to put some night sights on it as the factory sight shoot a little low for me. My 0.02 $.
  5. Is it just me or does "Hard and Soft" look like a current classifier stage? I just can't think which one.
  6. The epileptic monkey stance. If you've seen me shoot, you understand.
  7. Congrats! That takes some serious accuracy shooting!
  8. I might get a sponsorship from Michelin tires. I kinda look like the Michelin Man. Or Pillsbury dough boy. Take your pick.
  9. If I had the money, Les Baer FTW! My current goal is saving enough for a Custom Carry in Cammanche length.
  10. "situational depression is something that can take a heavy toll. Classic symptoms are general lethargy, loss if interest in people, places and things we used to enjoy, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and a host of other things that may be specific to the individual. Most times we yearn to be back to where we were prior to the catastrophic situations that brought us down, but simply can't find the motivation to move in the right direction." Lifeislarge hit the nail on the head; sounds like that is exactly your current issue. I don't know exactly what your feeling or going through right now but I understand. The only advice I have for you is that the cure may be harder then the problem. Sometimes people need counseling to deal with things and may be reluctant to go that route because they believe it says "I'm weak. I can't do this by myself." Also the soluition for situational depression is just time and to remove yourself from the situation. A lot of people see this a being a "quitter". You're not; your simply settimg limits on the amount of crap you're willing to put up with. As for the shooting, I simply can't say it better then Steve did so I won't even try. Good luck, brother. I hope my pseudointellectual blatthering didn't offend you and if I can ever be of any help or just someone to listen to, shoot me a PM. DVC, Doug
  11. Have a local "top shot" evaluate your technique. Or post a video on the board here and you'll get plenty of positive feed back. Be honest with a self evaluation, is it a technique problem or a consitioning problem or maybe even an equipment problem (like you need better shoes or cleats)?
  12. My only suggestion is stay in Argentia & Open division. I really don't need anyone else kicking my butt! Seriously, looking great! Good luck with your matches.
  13. I tried Brian's book when I was starting to actually compete (instead of just having a membership card) and I understood it on an intellectual level. Then I started to compete and use Anderson's dry fire book. After I had a classification and a little competition experience I re-read "Practical Shooting Beyond Fundamentals" and the things Brian is talking about in the book made much more sense to me. I still read it every now and then; I learn something new everytime.
  14. I like competitor bios and match reports. Maybe you could take dover0020's suggestion and do a monthly drill section from one of the big dogs (or just a M or GM shooter)and go into the what, how, why & par time of one of their favorite drills. Like Jake DaVita used to do with his web site.
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